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How to get younger ?

How to get younger ?


The Birth of Anti-aging Health Food - NMN

People are pursuing the best self in their whole life, and health is the foundation of everything. The birth of NMN anti-aging high-tech health food represents that we in this lucky era have the opportunity to use the safest, economical and effective way to Improve disease, maintain health, reverse youth. Is NMN trustworthy? What are the side effects of NMN? What is the scientific basis of NMN? These are our common questions. With the accumulation of NMN research history, the birth of the cross-century research results of Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School, the publication of more authoritative papers from top institutions, and the more With the completion of more and more NMN human clinical tests, the status of NMN as the best anti-aging health food has gradually formed a consensus and gradually formed the latest health care trend. For detailed NMN research, please click Magical NMN

How to get younger ? How to get younger ?

With a healthy body, you already have the ticket to chase your dreams and keep moving towards a better you and a better life. In addition to NMN, are there any scientifically based or state-of-the-art methods that can make us younger and younger? As long as you explore with your heart, you can definitely have it, because what you want is true...  

How to stay young forever?

forever young

Can you not get old?

可不可以不變老-david sinclair
Aging must be destiny? Scientific discovery subverts your cognition!

Humans have a long-standing longing for longevity, which has never been met for thousands of years. However, with the advancement of technology at the speed of light, genes that were previously indecipherable for decades can now be completed in minutes. Also let this dream of immortality appear dawn? In particular, David A. Sinclair's series of epoch-making scientific research achievements in the past 20 years are the main catalyst for this revolutionary process.

Longevity is meaningless, the goal of scientific research is a healthy longevity. David A. Sinclair, author of the book "Can You Stay Older" and a tenured professor at Harvard Medical School, the world's anti-aging authority, said: "Like most people, I don't want an infinite life, I just want to be less sick when I'm alive. and have more love . For most of the people I know who do ageing research, fighting ageing is not about ending death, but about living longer and healthier lives and giving more people the opportunity to face death in better conditions; or rather, According to your own conditions, when you are ready, leave easily and happily. 』

The book proposes the concept of "survival circuit" and explains why biological evolution cannot take into account both survival and longevity. Its main contents and viewpoints include: 1. Aging is not a mutation of DNA. On the contrary, aging is the result of the distortion of human epigenetic information due to DNA repair. 2. Aging is not an inescapable fate, but a disease that can be cured . He expects that human beings may be able to achieve immortality through technologies such as cell recoding in the near future. These theories fit perfectly with various current phenomena related to aging, such as shortened telomeres and NAD+ deficiency.

These epoch-making research results have subverted the inherent concept that aging is a necessary process in life. If this is the case, the future can be imagined infinitely... Maybe the dream of Musk's space traveler, with the extension of human lifespan, is no longer so far away, but you and I can experience it? For detailed research on anti-aging, please click here for anti-aging research

The advancement of technology has surpassed your imagination. For future predictions, there is a golden rule "Embrace new things and don't try to fight them." Live with new things, don't try to escape or forbid them. 』

How to become younger ? Anti-aging authority David Sinclair teaches you how to become younger ?

David Sinclair, a top anti-aging scientist, is one of the most influential figures in Time magazine. According to his research, in addition to anti-aging molecules such as NMN, resveratrol, and dimethicone, there are also scientifically based ways to become younger. What? How does he maintain his youth and health in his daily life? If you want to regain your youth and health, please try the following key points....

  • He was taking 1g of NMN , resveratrol , and dimethicone per day, along with vitamin D, vitamin K, and aspirin (83mg).


  • Moderate diet: try not to eat sweets and eat more vegetables . Eat less and strictly limit calories , but if you really can’t beat your appetite, it’s better to use intermittent fasting . For example: skip breakfast and eat lunch later (16:8 diet). Another option is to eat less than 75% of your calories two days a week (5:2 light fasting). Or fast a few days a week (the eat-and-stop diet). As long as they do not cause malnutrition, these methods will help longevity genes to function and live a healthier and longer life.

  • Get the right amino acids: Try to replace animal-based protein with plant-based protein , and don’t consume too much red meat.

  • Get moving : Activating longevity genes through exercise , the benefits include 1. Lengthening telomeres. 2. Promote the production of new capillaries and deliver more oxygen to cells. 3. Enhance mitochondrial activity and consume oxygen to produce more energy. While many types of exercise have positive health benefits, only high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which increases heart rate (by 70-85%) and breathing rate, activates a higher number of health-promoting genes. The effect is better. You must also do weight training to train your muscles.

  • Occasionally chill the body: Experiments have shown that exposing the body to uncomfortable low temperatures is an efficient way to turn on the long-lived deacetylase gene, such as soaking in ice water, ice swimming, or cryotherapy. Try to stay as cool as possible during the day and when you go to bed at night.

  • Occasionally expose the body to high temperature for a short period of time. Although there is no more in-depth scientific research, if yeast is used as a reference, it is speculated that the gene NAMPT, which recycles NAD in our body, may play a role.

  • Reduce the chance of DNA damage: sun protection is important , reduce radiation (UV, X-rays, CT scans, gamma rays….). No smoking, no exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in plastic products, avoid microwaving these containers, and do not eat foods treated with sodium nitrite (cured meats like bacon...)

To sum up the above points, there are scientific evidences in daily life that can slow down the loss of NAD+ and prevent aging and becoming younger, and they are all methods that we can implement immediately. If you add NMN to increase the level of NAD+ , you can increase the level of NAD+ by increasing the source of income and reducing expenditure, and resist aging and become younger!

Further reading: 1. What is NAD+ , please click here for anti-aging research . 2. Why do you want to add NMN please click here - the magical NMN

David Sinclair如何變年輕
The Science-Based Approach to Getting Younger : Intermittent Fasting

The most effective way to become younger | intermittent fasting | weight loss and fat loss | muscle gain and fat loss | increase metabolic capacity | lower blood sugar | prolong life

In addition to NMN health food, what other ways are there in our daily life (which can prevent the reduction of NAD+ in the body) to become younger? According to the research of Professor David Sinclair, including avoiding sweets, restricting calories, fasting or fasting, and taking correct amino groups Acids, exercise, occasional coldness, brief exposure to heat, reducing DNA damage… these are all ways to delay aging and become younger.


There is the latest scientific research on fasting, or intermittent fasting, that you must know!

Fasting and intermittent fasting have become a trend for many people to keep fit in the past few years. There are many ways of fasting, such as skipping breakfast and eating lunch later (16:8 diet). Choose to eat less than 75% of your calories two days a week (5:2 light fasting). Or fast a few days a week (the eat-and-stop diet). Except for pregnant women and developing children, all healthy people, as long as they do not cause malnutrition, these methods will help the longevity gene to play a role. And it's all backed up by science. For example, in 2019/12, it was published in NEJM, the highest clinical medical journal in the United States. It has been experimentally confirmed that the benefits of fasting include ketogenic response , enhanced cellular antioxidant and metabolic capabilities, mitochondrial activation , autophagy , automatic cell renewal , and DNA repair . , increased insulin sensitivity , life extension , anti-aging ...etc


The latest in the world is on 2021/10/18, Dr. Dudley Lamming's research team at the University of Wisconsin published a series of studies in the journal Nature Metabolism, using group experiments with different dietary patterns to prove the effect of fasting and calorie restriction on the effects of fasting and calorie restriction. physical influence.

The paper published this time is divided into three main stages of experiments. The first stage of the experiment has two conclusions.
   Fasting or calorie reduction can reduce body fat mass, but only fasting can increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar, and improve body metabolism.
   Fasting is combined with reducing calories. After a period of time, lean muscle mass will increase, which proves that fasting will only reduce fat and not lose muscle, making the body look leaner.

Experiment (1) Scientists divided mice into 4 groups

  1. Eat as much as you want without calorie restriction. ( grey )

  2. Eat a diluted diet if you want, 50% of your total daily calories ( blue )

  3. Eat 3 times a day for 30% of total daily calories ( red )

  4. Fasting about 22Hr a day, about 30% of total daily calories (black)


Experiment (1) Results:

  1. (Panel b) Body weight for each diet initially decreased with calorie reduction for the first 8 weeks, but in the fasted condition, weight began to rebound between weeks 12 and 16 of the diet. as black line

  2. (Panel c) Even the lean body mass group (non-fat muscle mass) had a similar pattern, where fasting resulted in a rebound in lean muscle mass

  3. Total fat mass and percent fat content (obesity) decreased significantly with calorie-restricted diets (d and e)

  4. (Panel g) is also the most important result. We know that insulin sensitivity is a marker of healthy metabolism, as shown in Figure g, which represents the percentage of blood sugar reduction by insulin infusion, only the fasted group improved insulin sensitivity and lowered blood sugar

Experiment (1) Conclusion:

Calorie restriction combined with fasting, benefits include: reduce body fat, increase lean muscle, increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar, and improve metabolism !

The scientists then tried to test further, whether fasting alone without calorie control was sufficient to achieve metabolic benefits? So do the following experiment:

Experiment (2) The mice were divided into 3 groups:

  1. Eat as much as you want without calorie restriction ( grey )

  2. Fasting for about 21 hours, three hours of binge eating without calorie restriction ( red )

  3. Fast for about 21 hours, eat for three hours and limit calories to 30% ( black )


Experiment (2) results:
   Glucose tolerance tests, in which glucose was injected into the blood as shown in c, confirmed that the fasting groups had lower blood glucose levels regardless of the number of calories ingested.
   Figure d Insulin resistance test, in which insulin is injected into the bloodstream, shows better insulin sensitivity in the fasting group

Experiment (2) Conclusion:

Fasting alone, with or without caloric restriction, increases the body's metabolic capacity. In other words, the key is the time to eat rather than the amount of food . Therefore, if a friend invites a big meal during the fasting period, you can participate with confidence!

Finally, to analyze the effect of fasting and calorie restriction on lifespan extension, the scientists additionally compared lifespan measurement experiments in three groups of mice.

Experiment (3) The mice were divided into 3 groups:

  1. Eat as much as you want without calorie restriction ( grey ) 

  2. Eat as much as you want, limit calories by 50% ( blue )

  3. Fast for 22 hours a day, and eat 30% of the original daily total calories for the remaining 2 hours (black)


Experiment (3) Conclusion:

The fasted calorie-restricted mice lived longer than the other two groups, even though the diet-diluted group had fewer calories. These findings support the extension of lifespan by fasting alone.

Are you eager to try and can't wait to start fasting? Except for pregnant women and developing children, all healthy people, as long as they do not cause malnutrition, can benefit from fasting! But you should make sure to consult your doctor before making any major dietary changes.
It is human nature to enjoy food. I believe that as long as we use the right method, we can definitely enjoy food to maintain the quality of life and make us younger, healthier and more beautiful!

The most effective way to become younger | intermittent fasting | weight loss and fat loss | muscle gain and fat loss | NMN |

What is growth hormone? (HGH)

Hormones protect us like magic! There are more than 100 kinds of hormones in the body of each person, of which more than ten kinds play an extremely important role in the health and aging of the human body. These key hormones are secreted by eight glands in the endocrine system, mainly including the pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands, and gonads (ovaries, testes) and other endocrine glands. The pituitary gland is the commander-in-chief of the endocrine system , and the most important hormone secreted is human growth hormone (Human Growth Hormone for short HGH). At the same time, it acts on the metabolism of protein, fat and sugar. HGH is also the commander-in-chief and chief regulator of the endocrine system. It maintains self-healing ability, promotes amino acid absorption and protein synthesis, regulates cell metabolism , and enhances cell activity and other extensive anti-aging physiological functions. Influence, also known as the fountain of youth !


Growth hormone is the commander-in-chief that controls the human endocrine system


What happens if you lack the growth hormone HGH?

The secretion of HGH is carried out according to the changes of the biological clock, and the secretion is the most at night (11:00 in the middle of the night to 2:00 in the morning). The secretion of HGH will decrease with age. After the age of 30, it will decrease by 14% every ten years ; at the age of 60, it is only half of the youth; at the age of 80, it is only 5% to 20% of the youth.

Adults who are usually deficient in the growth hormone HGH, compared with young people, may have the following symptoms: central obesity, low basal metabolism, hair loss, skin aging, lethargy, cold hands and feet, inability to concentrate, easy emotional instability, Decreased libido, decreased muscle strength, decreased physical strength, decreased exercise capacity, decreased resistance, etc. Cholesterol levels in the blood can be abnormal and the risk of cardiovascular problems can be higher than average. It can lead to psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, poor memory, etc., which can lead to social isolation.

The benefits of increased growth hormone secretion:

  • Supplementing with HGH can help us build lean muscle, support our body, increase athletic performance, and lose fat . Because the secretion of growth hormone will induce the liver to secrete the insulin-like growth factor IGF-1, and IGF-1 can promote the absorption of (amino acids) by muscle cells, promote the synthesis of DNA and RNA inside the cells, and promote the growth of muscle cells.

  • HGH is the strongest and most effective human body's natural lipolysis initiator known so far, which can help us reduce fat in the abdomen, buttocks, and inner upper arms . When the growth hormone HGH is secreted to take effect, it will not only promote the decomposition of fat in fat cells, but also reduce insulin sensitivity, making it difficult for fat to form, and double the effect of fat reduction.

  • HGH can increase the basal metabolic rate, that is, the ability to lose weight while lying down is improved . Because it can stimulate de-iodination, de-iodine tetraiodothyronine becomes more physiologically active triiodothyronine, which will speed up the rate of cell metabolism and increase energy consumption.

  • Somatropin is a natural skin beauty ingredient: it restores firmness and smoothness to the skin.


  1. Prevent the destruction of free radicals, promote the inhibin function of proteolytic enzymes, slow down the decomposition of collagen and elastin, and significantly promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

  2. Helps the kidneys to promote water reabsorption. In addition, the increased synthesis of collagen and elastin also increases water retention.

  3. Subcutaneous lean muscle increases.

(The increase of lean muscle tissue, coupled with the increase of collagen and elastin, the moisturizing power is also improved, and the natural skin returns to a firm and elastic state. The density of skin cells increases, and the surface wrinkles will naturally fade away.)

  • Supplementing growth hormone will stimulate the pineal gland, help us secrete melatonin, and help improve sleep quality .

  • The growth hormone HGH has the opportunity to restore the shrinking thymus gland, allowing your body to produce more T lymphocytes immune army, improve immunity, and increase resistance to disease and cancer.

  • Growth hormone stimulates the natural secretion of sex hormones, which enhances sexual performance and promotes libido.

  • Growth hormone helps prevent heart disease, stroke, and lowers blood pressure. Growth hormone can increase the number of bad cholesterol receptors in liver cells and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), thereby reducing cardiovascular-related diseases caused by arteriosclerosis.

  • Growth hormone can enhance the recovery of memory , promote the regeneration of blood vessels in the brain, and stimulate the repair and regeneration of brain cells. In addition, human thinking and memory rely on acetylcholine in brain cells to conduct, acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter, and growth hormone HGH can promote the production of acetylcholine in brain cells, thus helping Enhance memory.

  • Growth hormone regenerates every organ in the body and promotes new bone growth. HGH increases the efficiency of the body's synthesis and utilization of proteins, significantly improves the cell regeneration of organs that age with age, and the healing and recovery of all wounds. It also increases bone density because it enhances the utilization of vitamin D and calcium by the bones..

Supplemental HGH approach

The efficacy of NMN has been publicly supported by 8 Nobel Prize winners. Together with HGH, it can be used internally and externally to achieve the best effect of whole body care! !

Of course, the use of a non-invasive transdermal delivery system (that is, rubbing on the skin, distributing the gel evenly on the skin through friction, and then absorbing its ingredients through microvessels), coupled with homeopathy, stimulates the natural secretion of HGH , is the best, easiest and safest way to supplement HGH.

What is Homeopathy?

It is a natural therapy that constructs the required environment, starts a process with the smallest dose of medicine, stimulates the body's self-healing ability, and promotes the body's self-healing system to be in the best state. The treatment of diseases is mainly based on radical methods.

The best way to increase HGH through lifestyle adjustments
  • Exercise: High-intensity intermittent aerobics, so that your heart rate is controlled at 85% of the maximum heart rate, the effect will be better. And weight training.

  • Deep sleep: The secretion of growth hormone is carried out according to the change of the biological clock. Generally, people who live in a normal life (do not stay up late) secrete the most at night. About 70% of the secretion of growth hormone throughout the day is when you sleep. Secretion, especially in deep sleep, is easy to trigger the secretion of growth hormone, which shows that sleep is very important, especially during the period of just falling asleep. And the point is to sleep deeply and sleep well.







  1. 直接將氣態氫氣用高壓使其溶於水裡

  2. 使用化學法(如鎂在水中產生氧化還原反應)產生氫氣

  3. 使用水的電解產生氫氣。








  1. 像H₂這樣的抗氧化劑能夠保護你的細胞免受氧化損傷,而氧化損傷是許多疾病的根本原因。它們還直接作用於你身體內部的抗氧化途徑,以改善你的先天防禦。我們每天都會接觸到被稱為自由基的物質,這僅僅是參與世界的結果。自由基可以對你的身體造成破壞,對你的細胞造成氧化性損害。它們存在於諸如香煙和食物中,但也由內部和環境壓力產生。提高你的抗氧化劑的消耗量是對抗自由基損害的一種方法。

  2. 氫有助於對抗整個身體的氧化損傷。向你的身體添加更多的氫可能有助於增加對你的細胞的保護。

  3. 作為一種抗炎藥的作用,動物研究表明,氫氣具有抗炎作用。有人類研究表明,氫氣可以減少與類風濕性關節炎有關的關節疼痛和炎症。

  4. 保護器官:分子氫通過抗炎和抗氧化的特點,對包括大腦、肝臟、胰腺、眼睛、肺和心臟在內的器官提供保護作用。

  5. 支持健康的線粒體、DNA和細胞調控:在2011年的一項研究中,每天喝1升HRW,持續12週,改善了患有某些炎症疾病的人的線粒體功能障礙。它似乎還能保護DNA免受 輻射損害,並促進健康的基因表達和正常的細胞過程。

  6. 防治代謝性疾病:2011年的一項研究發現,飲用HRW可以刺激實驗室和動物模型的能量代謝,增加胰島素敏感性並降低膽固醇和血糖。作者總結說,H₂可能有助於對抗代謝綜合徵。

  7. 支持大腦健康和情緒:一項研究發現,氫氣可以減少帕金森病患者的大腦損傷。而在2018年的一項研究中,研究人員發現,HRW(氫水)可以通過支持與情緒和焦慮有關的中樞神經系統功能來改善生活質量。











同時 PQQ也被列為益智類成分,能增強大腦功能,如記憶力、精神專注力和創造力.....



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