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About Wayal

Wayal is not just a company – Wayal is a premium lifestyle brand, a brand you can trust and use with confidence along with a lifestyle that is in line with your goals.

As a young and innovative company in dietary supplements, Wayal Health Sciences USA Inc. provides a healthy way of living through the strength of its long history of versatile research and development. At Wayal, We Assure You Ace Life.

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About Wayal About Wayal Vision and Mission

Wayal is more than a company Wayal is a premium lifestyle brand, a brand you can trust and use, and a lifestyle that matches your goals.

Wayal is the guarantee of a first class living! Wawal believes in returning to the original mission of bringing health and well-being to people for thousands of years. We combine the oldest remedies with today's sophisticated nutritional science by offering well-researched and scientifically proven products of the highest quality.

All Wayal products are manufactured in the USA by Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) that follow or exceed US FDA regulations. Every batch is tested before and after production to ensure purity, quality and potency. Safety and efficacy are paramount and all Wayal products match what is printed on the label.

Your health is our top priority. With our innovative, results-oriented quality products, you will realize the difference. More importantly, we are constantly exploring the latest technology product lines in the future.

At Wayal, we are committed to providing first-in-class health and wellness products for humanity, and at the same time we are committed to building a successful and win-win entrepreneurial platform for our affiliated companies.

Wayal 開啟美式複方養身新紀元

Open a new era of "American compound health care"

The origin of the Wayal brand : Eastern health care combined with Western pharmaceutical technology
5,000 years ago, Shennong, the Chinese god, tasted all kinds of herbs to benefit the common people, and the idea of "harmony between man and nature" was rooted in China. For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has practiced the way of "monarch, minister, assistant and envoy", and used "natural compound recipes" to hang pots to help the world. , Dr. Peter Kash, the founder of Wayal from the United States, firmly believes: "All nutrients come from nature. With the advancement of medical technology and medical conditions, people should re-understand the role of natural supplements in health care.

Vio Wayal brand support : Global famous brand supplier <<40 years of history cGMP pharmaceutical factory>>20000+ compound formula rights Vio Wayal takes "natural nutrition basics" as the principle, and integrates ancient well-being methods with modern complex nutrition. With the help of modern advanced instruments, the implementation of "precise detection + targeted prevention" has opened a new era of modern "American compound health care".

Vio Wayal Brand Concept : Natural Materials >>> Precise Quantification >>> Treat both symptoms and symptoms >>> Safe and reliable >>> Simple and effective
Wayal means the beginning of a healthy lifestyle in English, and can also be interpreted as "We make sure you have a perfect healthy life". With the power of science and technology, natural nutrition is used to give real efficacy to safety that everyone can use. product.

Wayal 美式複方養身

American-style compound health care : precise detection + targeted prevention
New Cognition - Directly to the Origin of Life
​ For a long time, human beings have been so weak, powerless, and even ignorant in the face of time and aging. Is there a possibility for human beings to directly seek liberation from the source of life and avoid the pain caused by disease and aging? When the ancients Combining the formula with modern pharmaceutical technology, will human beings have a new cognition of self?

Scientific health - originating from precise testing
The scientific point of "American compound health care" lies in: combining the oriental concept of "harmony between man and nature" and western precision testing life science, returning to the importance of bringing health and multi-dimensional health care methods to people for thousands of years, and finally showing the process of High-quality functional nutritional health products composed of deeply researched and scientifically proven ingredients.

Reproduce the magic - compound targeted prevention
Modern Western medicine still belongs to the system of "preventing the disease", but it cannot stop the disease "before the onset". People expect a way of keeping healthy by "preventing the disease before it occurs". Accurate detection + targeted prevention, will come from nature Natural nutrition, using American pharmaceutical standards to reproduce the magic of the ancient compound, from now on, the meaning of the word "health" will be completely rewritten!

Wayal 科學養身

The post-epidemic era is coming - scientific health preservation is the real need
The epidemic sweeping the world is like a blow to the head. The global health industry has ushered in great changes, and the concept of health care has begun to be released explosively, showing three major trends:

Trend 1: Raising national health awareness
​ Great health is no longer the "exclusive privilege" of a few social elites and celebrities, and has gradually become a rigid demand for the general public. actions. 

Trend 2: The awareness of prevention as the priority is on the rise
From the biological disease medicine model to the ecological health medicine model, from the disease medical industry to the health care industry
​ From the consumption of medical "treatment of existing diseases" to the consumption of health care products of "treatment of pre-diseases"

Trend 3: Reproduce effective scientific health preservation
​ The process of the spread of the epidemic is also the process of the popularization of public health education around the world. How to identify modern effective technology and gimmicks? People begin to pay attention to the real effect, and scientific health care is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Where is the most valuable industry in the post-epidemic era? In the era of zero information costs, do you need a business that can be fissioned, targeted and drained, with very low-cost investment but sustainable profitability and steady development? Wayal International" American-style compound health care" will take you to the top of the industry!

Wayal 科學養身

American Wayal Wayal products are 100% made in the United States and are produced in strict accordance with FDA's current good manufacturing practices (cGMP):

Each batch is scientifically tested after production to ensure its purity, quality and potency.

The difference between GMP and cGMP factories: GMP is a food-grade factory, and cGMP is a pharmaceutical-grade factory, which means that Wayal produces all its health food products with stricter standards of pharmaceutical-grade (cGMP)!

Wayal Advantages:
  • Physicians' Medication Guide (PDR) Credibility

  1. Wayal Vio is one of the companies with the most top product certifications in the world, and it is less than 1% of the top products in the world.

  2. Wayal has obtained 13 international certifications, and its products have been selected into the "American Physicians' Medication Guide PDR", which is credible!

  3. Criteria for Inclusion in the American Physician's Guide to Medication PDR:

1) must be truly effective;
2) It must be manufactured with pharmaceutical grade standards;
3) Nutrients must be decomposed and absorbed within 45 minutes.

Further reading: Why is it so important for NMN to have PDR certification?

  • 40 years of American cGMP pharmaceutical factory R&D, production and sales through one-stop.​

  1. More than 40 years of history cGMP US pharmaceutical factory

  2. 100% Made in America, Advanced Formula, Quality Assurance

  3. 200,000+ feet of factory building

  4. R&D team of 50+ people

  5. Own 20,000+ formula rights

  6. Nissan 50,000+ bottle packing line, 6,000,000 tablets, 1,000,000 capsules, 3,000,000 soft capsules

  7. Products are sold to more than 20 countries: the United States, Canada, Taiwan, China, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, etc.

  8. There are more than 100 registered trademarks and patents for exclusive formula products

  • Company Products – Nutraceuticals made to pharmaceutical specifications

  1. Wayal Vio company uses high-quality selected raw materials, global famous brand suppliers

  2. Products are produced in strict accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are 100% made in the USA

  3. Golden Ratio formula with 13 global certifications

  4. Product diversification, individuation, pertinence, to meet market demand

  5. Natural, Organic, Non-GMO, Relieve Modern Diseases with Natural Approaches

  • 13 international certifications owned by Wayal Vio

1. FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration certification
2. USP American Medical Board Certification
3. cGMP US Pharmacy Factory Certification
4. CL American Consumer Laboratory Certification
5. NON GMO Non-GMO Product Certification
6. GMP American Good Manufacturing Practice Certification

7. NSF National Sanitation Foundation Certification

8. PDR American Physician Certification

9. USDA ORGANIC Certified Organic

10. EU Organic Certification

11. Canadian Organic Certification

12. JAS Japan Organic Certification

13. HALAL certification

Wayal 13項國際認證.jpg
  • World-renowned cooperative units

Harvard University,
Yale University
Columbia University
Indiana University
Duke University
Tufts University
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center ranked second in the nation
Cleveland Clinic, a world-renowned medical institution

The products of the cooperative unit of cGMP pharmaceutical factory are used in clinical experiments and pathological treatment

Wayal 與全球知名單位合作
Wayal 與全球知名單位合作
  • Wayal's strong R&D team:

The management team led by the company's founder, Dr. Peter Kash, has more than 100 years of experience in scientific research, production and marketing in the health field. The R&D team has dozens of top scientists and medical doctors.

Wayal 公司創始人

Co-founder Peter M. Kash, Ph.D. Ed.D./MBA
Peter holds a PhD in Education and an MBA in Finance. He has been a professor and visiting lecturer for over 25 years at distinguished academic centers such as Wharton, Nihon University, and Hebrew University. He is also the author of several international bestsellers.


Chief Scientist Dr. Linda Friedland

Dr. Friedland has been in the field of clinical medicine for more than 25 years,

He is a leading authority in the medical industry and the author of 7 best-selling medical books including "Freedom of Disease".

Wayal 公司創始團隊
Wayal Principal Founder Talk | Dr. Peter Kash | Dr. Linda Friedland | Kevin McShane
  • American business Vio Wayal successful Win system:

Education and Training | Cloud APP | International Investment Promotion | Customer Service System | Business Support​ | Incentive Travel

Wayal 制度

Product introduction of Vio Wayal


The only big-brand NMN product on the market that has been selected into the PDR of the American Physician's Guide to Medication

*To be selected into the product of the <American Physician's Drug Guide PDR>, to achieve 3 must:
1. The product must actually work
2. Must be manufactured with pharmaceutical grade standards
3. The nutrients must be decomposed and absorbed within 45 minutes

※All efficacy descriptions on this website are based on research papers and clinical measurements, and do not involve personal efficacy. Please do not use it for medical purposes!

Product 1: Vio Wayal NMN5G

Wayal NMN5G
  • ✓ NMN5G content 300mg per capsule, 30 capsules per bottle

  • ✓ The purity of each NMN capsule is 99.99%, the highest biological activity in the industry is 100%

  • ✓ *The only compound NMN product brand on the market that has been selected into the PDR of the American Physician's Medication Guide*

  • ✓ Turn on longevity genes

  • ✓ Rapid mitochondrial energization

  • ✓ Antioxidant inside and outside cells

  • ✓ Fully enhanced telomerase

  • ✓ Activates stem cell regeneration

Wayal NMN5G成分表

Vio Wayal NMN5G does not need to talk about efficacy to make the American Physician's Medication Guide PDR
​ Tell you the effect directly!

★★★  NMN evaluation, the efficacy of NMN is no longer just relying on the information on the Internet, the most credible American Physician's Guide to Medication PDR will check and provide you with a full range of guarantees!

*Wayal NMN5G 2023年已無列入美國PDR

Wayal NMN5G

Product details:


To understand the role of our new NMN5G products in healthy aging and potential life extension, we must first understand the role of Sirtuins. Sirtuins are a family of seven proteins that play an important role in cellular health.

Think of each of your cells as a car. Sirtuins are the drivers of your car, they control where it goes, how fast it goes and when it starts and stops.

Because the role of sirtuins in cellular health is relatively new science, researchers have demonstrated that taking a product like resveratrol that stimulates a sirtuin response is enough to keep cells alive for longer in the body.

Yet we need fuel for the driver. Sirtuins require NAD+ to function . NAD+ is already circulating in our body, and while we get some from our diet, we don't get enough energy from our diet to drive our cells, sirtuins.

That's where NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) comes in. We cannot make NAD+ supplements, but we can take a nutrient that is converted to NAD+ in the body. NMN is that nutrient, and it significantly increases circulating NAD+ in the blood and cells, where it binds to Sirtuins to increase efficiency and extend the lifespan of each of our cells. This is a huge step forward for anti-aging science, because the longer our cells thrive, the healthier we are, the stronger our immune system is, the better our body is able to convert food into energy, The longer we live.

We could have stopped there, but we've set out to make the most advanced anti-aging products on the market. So we added resveratrol to NMN5G because resveratrol is the number one sirtuin stimulator . Resveratrol and NMN are the most powerful anti-aging combination in the world.

We already have a stimulated drive (Resveratrol to boost Sirtuins), the fuel for the drive (NMN to boost NAD+), but we also need to make sure our cells' engines are running smoothly. It's Coenzyme Q10 . Our cellular engine is the mitochondria . Without CoQ10, mitochondria cannot function . As we age, our bodies become less efficient at making their own CoQ10. Therefore, to ensure that our cellular engine works efficiently, we added CoQ10 to NMN5G. After all, what's the use of having a driver if the car isn't running?

Then we added L-carnitine . L-Carnitine is the perfect complement to CoQ10 as it helps bring fat into our cells to burn as energy . If our cells, especially our mitochondria, are working properly, we will increase the amount of fat that can be converted into energy, and our overall health and well-being will continue to thrive.

Finally, we added N-acetylcysteine ( NAC ). As an extremely potent antioxidant, NAC also stimulates our body's main antioxidant glutathione . Both glutathione and NAC protect our cells and the nutrients that nourish them from free radical damage .


NAC and Glutathione block free radicals, allowing NMN, Resveratrol, CoQ10 and L-Carnitine to keep every cell in our body functioning at optimal levels , keeping our bodies healthy, mind sharp, immune Systems are strong and extend our lives. NMN5G is truly the ultimate anti-aging formula that covers every foundation one can imagine when it comes to cellular health.

Wayal NMN5G is the only compound NMN recommended brand selected for PDR
Wayal NMN5G成分
Wayal NMN 5G, how to maximize cell activation technology?
​ Watch the video to learn more!

In the face of post-epidemic life, improving immunity is the key, especially the Omicron virus is coming, are you ready? Don't worry, NMN will be your fastest, safe and effective secret weapon!

Going back to the best state when you were young, age-freezing and anti-aging is no longer an unreachable dream. You can also enjoy the magical technology of NMN as easily as the rich!

Traditional direct selling has declined, and cross-border e-commerce is the mainstream. With NMN's latest blue ocean market, it will detonate the biggest business opportunity in this century! No matter where you are in the world or what language you are in, you can have it right away with just a few simple steps online or in person!

The gap in information in the 5G era is the gap between health and wealth! If you fail to keep up with the trend, you will be abandoned by the trend. Instead of having doubts in your heart, it is better to act now to create change!

Product 2: Vio Wayal  STEM CELL SERUM Stem Cell Rejuvenation Serum
(Newly launched in October 2021)

Wayal 幹細胞回春精華

Wayal creates a healthy and wonderful life for you

Wayal creates a healthy and prosperous life for you
Wayal Anti-Aging Skincare | Stem Cell Rejuvenation Serum | Liposome Technology  | Rejuvenate Young Skin | Wayal Stem Cell Serum

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Essence


WAYAL's revolutionary new anti-aging skin care series uses the latest US technology LIPOSOME liposome technology, an exclusive manufacturer in the US, using the highest quality ingredients in the world. Reach deep into the skin, repair DNA, activate stem cell rejuvenation, and enhance the skin's ability to produce tissue regeneration and cell repair. Quickly regenerates and revitalizes youthful skin.

  • Serum is a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation and youthful glow

  • Stem Cell Rejuvenation Serum is a serum not a cream. The ingredients that activate skin stem cells are composed of small molecules and combined with the new American technology of liposome technology, so that the skin absorbs faster and deeper. Thereby more effectively obtain anti-aging effect, promote the natural regeneration of skin cells faster, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, rejuvenation and increase skin thickness.

  • How to use: After cleansing the skin in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount of STEM CELL SERUM Stem Cell Rejuvenation Essence and apply it to the dull area of the skin and massage until absorbed.

Wayal 護膚 幹細胞回春精華圖片

Product efficacy Benefit:

Wayal​ A revolutionary new anti-aging skin care product that reaches the deep layers of the skin to repair DNA quickly, activate stem cell rejuvenation, enhance the ability of skin tissue regeneration and cell repair, realize the internal anti-aging growth of the skin, quickly regenerate and rejuvenate the youthful skin.

Product advantages Advantage:

  • Using America's Unique, Powerful and Effective Technology: Liposome Liposome Technology & Stem Cell Activation


  • Deeply absorbed into the skin and quickly absorbed, efficiently repairs DNA and activates stem cell growth


  • US TOP 5 exclusive manufacturer, using the highest quality ingredients in the world

  • Clinically proven Wayal Stem Cell Serum unlocks the potential to reverse the cellular aging process and boost the body's natural repair process

  • One bottle for all skin concerns, suitable for all skin types

Wayal 美膚產品
Anti-aging ingredients
palmitoyl hexapeptide-12
Palmitoyl hexapeptide-12
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Resveratrol Resveratrol
whitening ingredients
Stem Cell Rejuvenation Essence contains more than 20 ingredients, including peptide elements, anti-aging ingredients and whitening ingredients:
  • Palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 Palmitoyl hexapeptide-12:

Prevent the formation of fine lines, reduce the occurrence of dynamic lines, eliminate fine lines, effectively reorganize collagen elasticity, increase the activity of elastin, relax facial lines, smooth wrinkles and improve relaxation, as an anti-wrinkle ingredient, and the effect is excellent.

  • Bakuchiol:

It smoothes fine lines, shrinks pores, reduces acne breakouts, and increases skin firmness.

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen:

Improved skin suppleness, increased skin elasticity, stronger moisturizing ability, and improved fine and deep skin wrinkles.

  • Resveratrol Resveratrol:

Wayal uses resveratrol developed by a Swiss top-notch pharmaceutical company. It is trans-resveratrol with a purity of 99%. This ingredient has obtained the highest standard food additive GRAS safety certification in the United States, and its content is more than 100 times that of ordinary resveratrol. .

  • Nicotinamide:

Recognized in the beauty industry as a high-end and effective whitening and brightening ingredient, it penetrates deep into the skin to inhibit the production of melanin and transfer dull yellow gas, brighten the complexion, and awaken the radiance of the skin.

  • Bisabolol:

1. Increase the penetration of other active ingredients. 2. Anti-inflammatory: Helps reduce redness and other skin irritations such as UV rays. 3. Deeply moisturizes, prevents dryness and improves fine lines and wrinkles. 4. Repair the epidermis and accelerate the healing of the skin. 5. Kills germs and makes you smell good. 6. Prevents the action of collagen-destroying enzymes while actually stimulating collagen production in the skin. 7. Lighten pigmentation, slow down melanin production, whiten and brighten skin.


Product 3: Vio Wayal  AURA 
(World premiere in 2021)

Wayal AURA Features:
  • Wayal's revolutionary global exclusive, the world's first to market.

  • Aerosol inhaler, using the latest American black technology C60+ quantum energy

  • Efficiently kill viruses and bacteria.

  • Super anti-oxidant, anti-aging, help organ detoxification and anti-inflammatory.

  • Enhance lung and brain function activity.

  • Improve sleep quality, increase energy, reduce pain.

  • Restore a healthy young mind and body.

How to use Wayal AURA:

Hold the Wayal AURA, remove the silicone cap, put the jet tube into your mouth, close your lips and inhale slowly and deeply for about 4 seconds, hold your breath for 2-3 seconds after inhaling, so that the aerosol can fully reach the bronchi and lungs, and then slowly exhale.

Wayal AURA 優勢
Wayal C60 AURA
Wayal C60 AURA

99.99% solvent free
C60 fullerene
propylene glycol

raw material:
99.99% solvent free
C60 Fullerene Propylene Glycol Glycerin

The product does not contain ingredients considered hazardous as defined by the regulations of OSHA, US 29 CFR 1910, 1200, and/or Canada WHMIS 1988 HPA and/or as defined in Europe by EC Number 1223/2009 and 231-765-0

The Product does contain listed and approved cosmetic ingredients as indexed by China IECIC

This product does not contain hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA, US 29 CFR 1910,1200 and/or Canadian WHMIS 1988 HPA and/or Europe as defined by EC numbers 1223/2009 and 231-765-0.


Product does contain listed and approved cosmetic ingredients indexed by China IECIC

Product 4: Wayal Caviar Omega Norwegian Deep Sea Gold Caviar Oil (30 Capsules)

✓ From the cold Arctic deep waters of Norway, it is clear and pollution-free. ✓ The freshest fish roe is used to purify.
✓ Effectively control blood lipids and blood sugar ✓ Improve skin diseases such as psoriasis ✓ Natural and stable antioxidants ✓ Protect the heart and brain, the first choice for health

Product details:

What is Omega 3?

In the human diet, the most important fatty acids are omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. Foods that provide omega-3 fatty acids include fish oil and certain plant and nut oils; omega-6 fatty acids can be found in palm, soybean, canola, and sunflower oils. Omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and improving cholesterol. There are also studies showing promising effects of omega-3s on cancer, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With so many potential benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids has become a popular supplement.

Fish oil contains two omega-3 fatty acids - DHA and EPA . Phospholipids are considered the most easily absorbed form of DHA for the body. Evidence suggests that moderate intake of DHA and EPA through consumption of fish or fish oil supplements can lower triglycerides and reduce the risk of heart disease, abnormal heartbeat, and stroke in people with heart disease. DHA and EPA may also benefit patients with arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure.

Why choose Wayal's Norwegian Deep Sea Gold Caviar Oil?

Vio Wayal's Norwegian Deep Sea Gold Caviar Oil is the most effective of its kind on the market.

Phosphocholine or phosphatidylcholine is also known as lecithin . Phosphatidylcholine and lecithin are sometimes used interchangeably, although the two are different. Choline is a component of phosphatidylcholine, and phosphatidylcholine is a component of lecithin. Although closely related, these terms are not the same.

Because the body uses phosphatidylcholine to produce a brain chemical called acetylcholine, phosphatidylcholine is also used to treat some brain problems such as memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, bipolar disorder and tardive dyskinesia.

Lecithin can also be used to treat hepatitis, eczema, gallbladder disease, circulatory problems, high cholesterol, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS); to improve the effects of kidney dialysis; to boost the immune system; and to fight aging. In the beauty industry, the main active ingredient in cosmetic injections used to "dissolve" fat is lecithin.

Phospholipids are important molecules present in cell membranes. Phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine are two very important phospholipids that are essential for the proper functioning of human cells. As the name suggests, phospholipids are a combination of fats and the mineral phosphorus. Like omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids are important for optimal brain health. Almost all cell membranes in the human body, including brain cells, contain high concentrations of phospholipids. They help brain cells communicate and affect the function of their receptors.

Product 5: Wayal Brian Boost Brain Boost (30 Capsules)

✓ Improves cognition, helps improve repairing reasoning ability, memory, learning ability and mental concentration ✓ Helps eliminate mental and physical fatigue, prevent memory loss It is beneficial to a series of mental diseases such as mental illness caused by diabetes ✓ Helps promote blood circulation in the brain, help the brain to establish new neural pathways ✓ Maintain nerves and prevent nerve cells from being damaged and degenerated

Product details:
Why choose Vio Wayal's Brain Power?

Uniquely formulated to help improve cognitive function by improving blood circulation in the brain

• Natural Huperzine Extract Powder: An ingredient refined from lycopodium, commonly known as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Huperzine is often used as an adjunct to the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (senile dementia), to improve and repair the decline in memory and learning caused by aging, to treat myasthenia gravis (a muscle disease), to improve alertness and vitality, to improve Prevent the nerves in the body from being damaged by drugs.

• Epimedium arrowroot: an herb that not only helps eliminate mental and physical tiredness, but also reduces memory loss, back and knee problems, joint pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, bronchitis and liver function Illness helps. According to Chinese medicine records, there are about 15 different varieties of Epimedium.

• Acetyl-L-Carnitine: An amino acid that is naturally produced in the body and provides energy for the body. Acetyl-L-carnitine is beneficial for a range of psychiatric disorders including Alzheimer's, memory loss caused by aging, depression, insufficient blood circulation to the brain and neuralgia caused by diabetes.

• Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine is an important element that constitutes the phospholipid membrane, and the phospholipid membrane is inseparable from the cell signal transmission of the human body. Phosphatidylserine is not only used for Alzheimer's disease, improving mental disorders caused by aging, improving thinking skills in young people, relieving depression and stress, but also improving physical fitness.

• N-Acetyl Cysteine: N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), as an antioxidant, the precursor to glutathione, is a more powerful antioxidant and an important ingredient in helping the liver detoxify . Studies have shown that NAC levels in the human body decrease with age, resulting in oxidative stress in brain cells. This is what is currently thought to be the most likely cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

• Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine helps improve blood circulation in the brain and is often used to improve memory, prevent Alzheimer's disease, and help prevent the deterioration of learning, memory, and information processing abilities caused by aging.

Product 6: Wayal Medipeptide(Coming soon in 2021)

✓ Non-GMO raw materials ✓ Free of pesticides, heavy metals, Diaxin, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), animal ingredients Or allergens ✓ Strengthen muscles ✓ Enhance immunity ✓ Nourishes brain ✓ Relieves alcohol and saves liver ✓ Effective in 30 minutes, 1 day repair, 5 days muscle growth ✓ Internal and external application, prevent wrinkles, fine lines.


Product 7: Vio Wayal Poten 5X ​ (Coming soon in 2021)

  Your sexually blessed Olympic marathon victor, 5-degree cavernous exercise expert ✓ Two months to help you restore your youthful strength and cavernous strength ✓ Focus on length, hardness, diameter, endurance, moisture ✓ Vegetarian options available

The happiness killer of family harmony is the frustration, embarrassment and powerlessness that 30% to 50% of modern men are facing after the age of 30! Wayal poten5X was born here! Extend the life of Acacia 5 times! Increase Acacia satisfaction by 12.5 times!

1. Integrating modern biotechnology and Ayurveda longevity medicine:

   A: The time of Acacia is extended by 5 times and promotes a happy life!

   B: A number of international scales have improved the partner's Acacia satisfaction by 12.5 times, and those who are dissatisfied or have not improved are zero!

Wayal Poten 5X-1.jpg

2. The research on component classification has won many international awards:

   Continuous breakthroughs, many years of international awards affirmation!

3. The multi-target effect of the monarch, ministers and assistants, the natural formula of nature:

​   Testosterone, nitric oxide NO, neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters (Dopamine, Serotonin), PDE-5 enzyme inhibition...etc.

4. High security:

    In order to avoid serious side effects, drugs to assist male erection need to be restricted from use by patients with cardiovascular disease, people with hypertension symptoms, and nitrates and other drug users. Grapefruit juice and fatty diets are also prohibited. Oxygen acute renal failure, etc.

    After taking Wayal poten 5X for 8 weeks, there were no abnormalities in a number of hematological tests, biochemical characteristics tests, liver and kidney function, and blood cell physical examinations, and no adverse events (AEs) were found.

5. Male sponge volume living experts:

​   In addition to male erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE), many health contribution reports have been found to improve male physiology, enhance vitality and endurance, strengthen immune regulation, assist brain cognitive function, relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and help weight management. .

Wayal 男性功能提升

Product 8: Vio Wayal FGF Serum Skin Care
Medical beauty skin care products
(Sweeping the world in 2022)

✓ Dermal fibroblasts rejuvenate the skin
✓ Fibroblast growth factor remodels the dermis
✓ Initiate signaling cascades to alter cells
✓ FGF epidermal growth factor safety guarantee
✓ Activates elastic collagen to resist aging


Rejuvenate the skin
Genes naturally activate dermal fibroblasts, carry out metabolism and repair of skin cells, and allow skin tissue to fully regenerate from the dermis layer, reverse aging, and eliminate past damage and imperfection. The genetic key to achieve the most natural rejuvenation effect. 

Remodeling the dermis
Skin aging is a complex and continuous biological process characterized by cellular and molecular changes that progressively reduce the body's ability to maintain dermal cell homeostasis, aging and/or apoptosis. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) ) have led to studies to evaluate their role in the repair and remodeling of the dermis during skin antiaging, as they are regulatory proteins that mediate important signaling pathways and act on cellular regeneration and repair processes.

change cells
FGF binds to tyrosine kinase receptors mainly through autophosphorylation of residues, promoting serine, threonine, and threonine of specific target proteins (such as RAF-1, MAPK/ERK kinase and extracellular signal-regulated kinase-1). and tyrosine residues, which are part of the MAP kinase (mitogen-activated protein kinase) cascade. FGF then initiates a signaling cascade within the cell, and each kinase activates the following by phosphorylation signals, which lead to changes in cell function.

​ Using Wayal FGF on the skin can also avoid the use of EGF epidermal growth factor maintenance products, which may induce a variety of cancer cells under the stimulation of environmental pollution such as ultraviolet rays and cause cancer metastasis.

resist aging
FGF has an important role in antiaging treatments as it is associated with the activation of collagen and elastin synthesis responsible for skin resistance and elasticity, characteristics that diminish as skin ages.

Introduction of Wayal System
  • The new trend of cross-border e-commerce, a mobile phone can be purchased all over the world, creating a win-win situation for consumers and operators.

  • The system is simple and clear, eliminates all adverse conditions, and is completely free of any risks and pressures.

  • After purchasing a set, you are both a consumer and an operator. The more consumers eat, the cheaper it is, and the more profitable the operators are, the happier they are!

  • ​​ After joining the membership, you will be a member for life without repeated consumption.

  • andWayal works together to create a healthy, happy, happy, all-round successful life!

Update January 2022

Wayal 制度

The biggest business opportunity of the century: the global market starts in August 2021!​ (Updated in January 2022)
American Wayal Wayal Affiliate Package:

Wayal nmn 加盟套組

L1 Experience Member: 💰$375 USD   250CV  

Product: NMN5G x 3 bottles

L2 Junior Member: 💰$750   500CV

Product: NMN5G x 5 bottles

Bonus: Norwegian Gold Caviar Oil Essence x 2 bottles

or NMN5G x 1 bottle

*30 capsules per bottle, NMN5G 300mg per capsule, NMN purity 99.99%, biological activity 100%

*Norway Gold Caviar Oil Essence Bottle 30 Capsules

L3 Intermediate Member: 💰$1500 USD   1000CV

Product: NMN5G x 10 bottles

Bonus: Norwegian Gold Caviar Oil Essence x 4 Bottles

or NMN5G x 2 bottles

L4 Premium Member: 💰$2950 USD   2000CV

Product: NMN5G x 20 bottles

Bonus: Norwegian Gold Caviar Oil Essence x 10 Bottles

or NMN5G x 5 bottles


Global cross-border e-commerce-Wayal 

Update January 2022

American Wayal Wayal Bonus System 1: Referral Bonus
The referral bonus can be received up to 12 generations, which is unprecedented, and the real unilateral can earn high income!
Wayal 制度
12th generation referral bonus, if you recommend two partners and copy 12th generation, you can receive a total of 8190 referral bonuses!!!
American Wayal Wayal Bonus System 2: Match Bonus
Match bonus up to 16%, one direct push in each of the left and right districts to start receiving, the performance does not return to zero, unlimited generation to receive, no assessment!!!
Wayal 制度
American Wayal Wayal Bonus System 3: Leadership Bonus
Leadership bonus can be received up to 4 generations, compressed, guaranteed to lead!!!
wayal 制度
American Wayal Wayal Bonus System 4: Reciprocal Bonus (Entrepreneurship Bonus)
Gratitude feedback bonus to receive 3 generations of entrepreneurial bonuses, truly realize the unity of the top and bottom!!!
wayal 制度
The advantages of the American Wayal Wayal system:
✓ No business representative fees, join the business for free to purchase products!
✓ Referral bonus up to 12 generations: high income on one side, solving the double-track elephant leg problem!
✓ The performance of the match bonus will not return to zero, it will be received indefinitely, and there will be no assessment!
✓ Equivalent (leadership) bonus compression system, guaranteed to lead!
✓ Gratitude reward bonus for up to 3 generations, truly realize the next heart!
✓ No re-sale No re-sale Re-sale is very important, so say 3 times!
✓ The system is simple, and the biweekly collar is completed in seconds!
✓ 80% cash bonus, 20% product redemption, creating sustainable income, free product for life!

Global Cross-Border E-Commerce - 8 Highlights of Wayal

Wayal 8大亮點
American Wayal Wayal global cash flow perfect shopping payment: credit card, USDT, Alipay bonus withdrawal: member's arbitrary transfer, shopping credit, Wayal ATM card global ATM withdrawal cash
American Wayal Wayal global logistics is convenient for cross-border e-commerce online direct purchases, and the United States ships all over the world!

Are you ready to get rich together in the biggest business opportunity of the century?

Blue ocean market! Perfect product + system!

Global markets to start August 2021:

The so-called business opportunity is that you have started when others are still suspicious!

Standing on the trend tuyere, even pigs can fly!


youth , beauty , health , longevity

Wayal NMN體驗
Keyboard and Mouse

NMN direct sales

Hearing direct sales, some people must be disgusted! To be honest, there are a lot of traditional direct selling products that are good, but the whole thing is annoying! The advent of the 5G era, coupled with the epidemic affecting the lives of all human beings. Online shopping and e-commerce platforms have gradually become the mainstream of people's shopping! If the traditional direct selling is not improved, it will no longer survive! NMN's latest direct sales model was born!

NMN Taiwan direct sales

Because NMN is not yet available for sale in Taiwan, and the NMN manufacturing technology is not mature in Taiwan, so now to buy pure NMN on the market, it is almost necessary to use direct sales to ensure protection, otherwise it is easy to buy fake NMN.
Of course, the times are progressing, and the business model is also evolving. The direct sales of NMN's cross-border e-commerce method was born! This new NMN direct sales model has absolutely no shortcomings of traditional direct sales, only the advantages of direct sales, saving advertising costs, and using the advantages of the Internet, cross-border e-commerce sales, greatly improving efficiency and saving costs, giving back to consumers, allowing people to You can enjoy high-quality and cheap NMN! In fact, it is exactly the same as guaranteed online shopping, very user-friendly and convenient!

NMN Direct Sales Wayal

Wayal is a cross-border e-commerce in the United States. The so-called cross-border e-commerce refers to an international business where buyers and sellers conduct transactions and payments through online e-commerce platforms or self-operated official websites in different countries, and transport goods through cross-border logistics. Business activities are the most mainstream business trend at present​ . To put it simply, cross-border e-commerce means that companies can directly sell NMN in the region to other countries without having to set up overseas. Cross-border e-commerce is also legal in Taiwan !

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