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Meet - Kelly  Calerie Health

  Calerie's mission is to help people live more meaningful lives by making them healthier and looking younger,

Feel younger at the same time and do everything we can to slow or even reverse the aging process. Beyond that, our preeminent brand partners can enjoy commercial success simply by sharing our revolutionary products and systems,

Create miracles with you!

Kelly Calerie Directory

  • Cross-border e-commerce new direct sales

  • Legally landed in the Taiwan market

  • The world's top standard NMN products

  • 6 sales product PDR certification

  • NMN 4Excelsior production company invested by Li Ka-shing

  • One-stop R&D, production and sales

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calerie 目錄

Anti-aging starts with

Cell health...

time reversal

Kelly  About CalerieHealth™

Calerie Values

Calerie Philosophy

At Calerie, we are committed to advancing the health and well-being of individuals and families around the world.

Calerie advocates the brand values of " long-termism, balanced symbiosis ".

As a corporate social citizen, Calerie has always been willing to undertake corporate social civic responsibilities and continue to contribute public welfare assistance to the society.


In 2021, the "Poverty Children's Health Public Welfare Assistance" plan will be created to donate dietary nutrition products for children in poverty-stricken areas for a long time.

CalerieHealth's philosophy has always been healthy anti-aging through the power of science.

Continuing the scientific research spirit of Duke University and the US National Institute on Aging, the brand concept of anti-aging begins with cellular health , focusing on the research and development and practice of cellular-level anti-aging products.

Relying on the scientific research background and industrial chain entities of the founding team, establish a "short-path supply chain" cross-border e-commerce platform to deliver high-quality dietary and nutritional supplements to global users.

Kaili's partner 4Excelsior, from raw materials, products, warehousing, finished products, transportation to users, fully supports the industry chain and is at your fingertips.

calerie life

CalerieLife™ 品牌升級,LOGO全新亮相


我們的主導品牌由CalerieHealth 升級為CalerieLife™ 屆時CalerieLife™品牌家族將包括:


CalerieLife™ 延續凱麗環球的品牌文化,倡導「長期主義,平衡共生」的品牌價值觀,以挑戰為使命,努力成為受人尊重的行業領先公司。



17 Years of Entrepreneurship by Exotic Brothers

Steve J. Flipse President and Founder

Steve Flipse, founder and president of CalerieHealth™, computer information engineering specialist. He served in the U.S. Air Force, where he was responsible for environmental information engineering for nuclear radiation protection.

In 2020, Steve Flipse co-founded CalerieHealth™ with his brother partner of 17 years, 4Excelsior founder Dr. Lin.

4Excelsior has overall responsibility for CalerieHealth™'s biotechnology R&D and product manufacturing.

Steve Flipse uses the experience and advantages in the field of computer information technology to integrate the 4E industry chain and the CalerieHealth™ brand supply chain with data to provide guarantee for the global network operation of the CalerieHealth™ brand. Established CalerieHealth™'s unique market competitive position in the era of smart IT business.

Steve and his management team are delivering on CalerieHealth™'s corporate mission and vision.

Steve J. Flipse  President and founder, with 20 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry, with strong market and business experience. After 20 years of working with the industry's largest brands, manufacturers and distributors, Flipse understands the importance of vertical integration.


That's why Carey has the complete supply chain and everything from raw materials to finished products, including the intellectual property involved. Based on science, he scours white papers and data from lab analyses and introduces new practices such as mimics, hope molecules, and longevity genes.

With the shared goal of fostering change and making an impact, Flipse has chosen to position Callie as the only vertically integrated direct selling company in the industry. In his view, a perfect combination of two of his favorite things: natural health and entrepreneurship, we strive to improve the health and financial independence of our brand partners.

In an age of uncertainty, internet marketing and the ability to work from home are critical. In the new economy, companies must be more efficient and have less manpower than ever before. Flipse's commitment is to create high-quality, high-impact products that help improve personal health and overall well-being. At the same time, create opportunities for ordinary people to achieve financial freedom as Kelly's brand partners!

The Birth of Calerie

Invested by Li Ka-shing, NMN R&D and manufacturing plant-4Excelsior

NMN製造 Calerie 4Excelsior工廠

CalerieHealth's strategic partner, 4Excelsior, was founded in 2014 and has a 152,066-square-foot facility in Anaheim, California. It is a foundry company with 6 years of experience in the production of dietary/sports supplements in the United States. 4Excelsior has strict factory construction facilities and equipment strictly in accordance with the current international good manufacturing practice (cGMP) standards. Since the establishment of CalerieHealth, 4Excelsior has controlled the quality one by one in terms of formula research and development, process formulation, formula research and development, raw material selection, product production, etc., all for the pursuit of the best.

It is one of the top five health food manufacturers in the United States. Received investment from Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, and produced NMN brand for it.

Calerie – Short Path Supply Chain

CalerieHealth was established in 2020. Relying on the scientific research background and industrial chain entities of the founding team, CalerieHealth has established a "short-path supply chain" cross-border e-commerce platform to deliver high-quality dietary supplements to global users. CalerieHealth's partner, 4Excelsior, fully supports the industry chain from raw materials, products, warehousing, finished products, transportation to users, at your fingertips.

NMN Production Plant (4Excelsior)

Dr.Lin, founder and president of 4Excelsior, natural polymer scientist, nutritional supplement industry expert, Ph.D. in natural polymer chemical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.
Dr. Lin has been focusing on the natural polymer and nutritional supplement industry for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich experience in the development and production of natural special raw materials and formulations. 4Excelsior Factory takes R&D and quality control as its advantages, providing high-quality, cost-effective products and solutions in the field of general health for global nutrition and health care brands.
4Excelsior's own brands in the industry chain mainly include KOS, Fresh Nutrition and GEN, which are sold in channels such as Costco, Walmart, and Whole Foods.
In 2020, he laid out global network marketing and co-founded the CalerieHealth™ brand with Steve Flipse.

凱麗-Calerie 合法落地台灣

Calerie 深耕台灣市場,提供客戶更好、更快、更有保障的服務品質。美商凱麗有限公司台灣分公司,美西時間2021年10月19日已正式完成台灣公平交易委員會報備批准,統一標號:83208673,代表美商凱麗已經完全合法落地台灣市場。


​代表人:洪淑瑛Hung Shu Ying


NMN Factory - 4Excelsior Certification

Calerie's NMN and premium health foods are produced in factories with these certifications!

  • FDA Registered Facility

  • 156,000 sq. ft. cGMP facility compliant with cGMP regulations

  • 16 constant temperature purification workshops

  • NSF GMP cGMP Registration

  • NSF GMP for Sport / Athlete Standard GMP Registration

  • USDA Organic / USDA Certified Organic

  • SQF / Food Safety Quality SQF Certification

  • Informed-Choice / No Prohibited Substance Certification

  • Halal / Halal Certified

  • Kosher / Kosher Certified

NMN Brand Factory-Calerie Management Team

Calerie Scientific Committee

Calerie scientist


Calerie Legal Legal

NMN Brand Factory - Calerie International Certification
NMN品牌廠-Calerie 國際認證
NMN品牌廠-Calerie BBB國際認證

CalerieHealth™ Trials Just One Year

In 2021, it was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in North America and received the highest rating of A+.

CalerieHealth™ lives up to its commitment with the BBB and strives to provide consumers with better products, shopping experiences and customer service.


In 2022, CalerieHealth™ will continue to explore scientific formulas and innovative cooperation models with the expectations of consumers and brand partners.

BBB is the certification of the US Business Credit Bureau. It is very difficult for companies to obtain BBB certification, and they must go through more than 200 audits to pass.

The Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit organization founded in 1912, serves most of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It was originally established to conduct public opinion monitoring of commercial advertisements. For over 100 years, BBB has been helping consumers find businesses, brands and institutions they can trust.

凱麗-Calerie 所有國際認證下載點  請點此!

NMN Brand Factory - Calerie R&D Laboratory
NMN品牌廠-Calerie 研發實驗室
NMN Brand Factory - Calerie Headquarters Tour
  1. NMN+SOD Youth Anti-Aging Tablets

The first line of defense against free radicals

Cell energy, activate cells

CalerieHealth™ SOD+NMN is a 2-in-1 formula that effectively combines two powerful free radical scavengers: superoxide dismutase (SOD) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). SOD plays an important role in the body's defense against oxidative stress and is considered part of the front line defense of the body's immune system. And NMN is a derivative of vitamin B3 , which your body converts to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is required for your metabolism. All in all, SOD and NMN can work together to fight aging, promote energy metabolism and immune function. Further reading What is NMN?

Calerie NMN Features

1. 99.9% high-purity β-NMN , issued by the third-party authoritative organization SUMMIT Nutrition Laboratory, issued an inspection certificate: CALERIE's NMN is a biologically fermented β-type, which can be completely absorbed by the human body, with a high NAD+ conversion rate and a purity of 99.92% The top-level NMN is clearly marked on the bottle.

2. High content of 10800mg β-NMN, using high-tech manufacturing methods and technologies: biological enzyme fermentation technology, single-cell fermentation technology,Small molecule purification technology, supercritical membrane permeation technology.  CALERIE SOD+NMN is three tablets per day, with a total daily intake of 360mg β-NMN, 90 tablets per bottle, the total amount is up to 10800mg.

3, oral administration, high absorption

Increase mucosal absorption, avoid liver first-pass effect, and prevent gastric acid from destroying absorption.

4. PDR certification. N MN extended reading: Why is it so important for NMN to have PDR?



SOD NMN主成分標示
What is SOD?

SOD superoxide dismutase

SOD is an antioxidant metalloenzyme that exists in living organisms. It can catalyze the disproportionation of superoxide anion free radicals to generate oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, and plays a key role in the body's oxidation and antioxidant balance. It can improve inflammatory response, balance autoimmunity, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and are inseparable from body health.
The discovery of SOD is a major achievement in the history of biomedical research. In 1969, Fridovich, a professor of biochemistry at Duke University, discovered the first SOD enzyme and its role in protecting organisms from superoxide free radicals. Friedovich was a former president of the American Society of Biochemists for which he received the Discovery Award from the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine.
According to different metal prosthetic groups, SOD is divided into three categories: Cu/Zn-SOD, Mn-SOD and Fe-SOD.

Where does Calerie's SOD come from?

Thermophilic Algae SOD Deep Sea Soft Gold 

There is a magical thermophilic algae in the underwater hot springs about 2100 meters below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. This thermophilic algae can survive at 464 degrees Celsius.

4Excelsior Scientific Research Center carried out experimental analysis on the structure and physiological characteristics of this deep-sea thermophilic algae, and isolated the thermophilic alga SOD which is resistant to high temperature, acid and strontium by using single-cell fermentation technology and small molecule purification technology. Called "Deep Sea Soft Gold"

Enzyme activity per bottle 108.0001U

How does SOD work?

1. Resist photochemical

SOD can protect cells and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin; it has a good repairing effect on burned skin; for damaged skin and wounds, SOD can help restore and soften scars.

2. Antioxidant

SOD is a very important cellular antioxidant that can effectively scavenge superoxide anions, resist free radicals, and delay aging.

3. Anti-glycation

SOD can help reduce the accumulation of sugar in the body and activate islet cells.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Studies have found that SOD content and activity are significantly reduced in patients with chronic inflammation. SOD can reduce oxidative stress and limit pro-inflammatory responses.

5. Fights brain aging

SOD can reduce peroxides in the hippocampus of the brain, thereby enhancing memory and delaying brain aging

6. Anti-aging

The accumulation of oxidative damage, which affects the mitochondria, is considered to be an important cause of human aging.

Further reading: SOD helps to scavenge free radicals in the body

Further reading: SOD body's front line defense

International certification of NMN+SOD products
Calerie NMN  國際認證
NMN+SOD Introduction Video

一圖看清凱麗SOD+NMN 成分&功效

凱麗 SOD+NMN 成分及功效





2. β-NMN 6,000

The art of biological enzymes 

CalerieHealth™ β-NMN 6000 features a premium active ingredient: β-NMN, an anti-aging and neuroprotective ingredient. As a derivative of vitamin B3, beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide increases NAD+ levels . NAD+ is an important compound with many important functions that inhibit factors involved in aging.

Boost NAD+ levels with CalerieHealth™ Beta-NMN 6,000 to promote healthy anti-aging, boost energy levels, and boost cognition and mobility against the diseases of aging.

1. 99.9% high-purity β-NMN , issued by the third-party authoritative organization SUMMIT Nutrition Laboratory, issued an inspection certificate: CALERIE's NMN is a biologically fermented β-type, which can be completely absorbed by the human body, with a high NAD+ conversion rate and a purity of 99.92% The top-level NMN is clearly marked on the bottle.

2. β-NMN is highly active and adopts high-tech manufacturing methods and technologies: biological enzyme fermentation technology, single-cell fermentation technology,Small molecule purification technology, supercritical membrane permeation technology.  CALERIE NMN-6000 2 tablets per day, daily intake of 200mg β-NMN, 60 tablets per bottle, total 6000mg.

3, oral administration, high absorption

Increase mucosal absorption, avoid liver first-pass effect, and prevent gastric acid from destroying absorption.

4. PDR certification. N MN extended reading: Why is it so important for NMN to have PDR?



International Certification of β-NMN 6000 Products
Calerie NMN  國際認證

一圖看清凱麗βNMN6000 成分&功效

凱麗βNMN6000 成分及功效


β-NMN 6,000

3. Alpha Hope PQQ Hydrogen Tablets

PQQ Hydrogen Tablets – Cellular Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Rejuvenation

calerie PQQ氫氧片

Born from oxygen, more prosperous from hydrogen . Natural gas, no medicine for medicine !

CalerieHealth™ PQQ Hydrogen Tablets use micro-nano bubble technology to lock in more hydrogen and meet your hydrogen replenishment needs.

PQQ Hydrogen Tablets consist of two powerful active ingredients: PQQ and Molecular Hydrogen. They work together:

  1. Activates metabolic pathways involved in energy production and cognition. This formula promotes the body's natural detoxification process and helps the body naturally produce "hope molecules," also known as "PGC-1α," to fight oxidative damage.

  2. H₂ works in conjunction with PQQ to promote the production of "hope molecules (PGC-1α)", which play a central role in cellular energy, lipid metabolism and stimulation of mitochondrial biosynthesis.

Learn more about Hope Molecules


Dissolve 1 tablet in 8 ounces (approximately 240 ml) of water and drink. Adults are recommended to drink 2 times a day. ( 60 capsules per bottle)

Do not swallow.

PQQ Hydrogen Oxygen Tablets:

High-purity magnesium powder for hydrogen production





  • 原位雜化釋氫技術

  • ​微奈米氣泡技術

  • 臨界點厭氧防爆技術

  • ​離心霧化彌散技術

Why are nanobubbles so important?

Micro-nano bubble technology is vital to CalerieHealth™ hydrogen-locked water, helping to provide our customers with better quality and more stable hydrogen-locked water (hydrogen-rich water). The following explains how micro-nano bubble technology works and why it is an important part of the Kelly product line.

Micro-nano bubble technology:

Our advanced micro- and nano-bubble technology optimizes hydrogen content and promotes optimal stability, including enhanced bubble structure and longer hydrogen residence time in water. Make sure that Kelly's hydrogen lock water retains more than 70% of the hydrogen produced, so that it stays in the water and does not slip away.

What are micro-nano bubbles?

As the name suggests, micro-nano bubbles are extremely tiny bubbles, with a diameter of only about 70-120 nanometers. By comparison, nanobubbles are about 1/2500 the size of a grain of table salt we use in cooking.

Nanobubbles may be too small to be seen with the naked eye, but they are extremely stable. Their strong negative surface charge brings many benefits. In addition, nanobubbles balance buoyancy and can be stable in water for weeks without coming to the surface.

Benefits of Micro-Nanobubble Technology

Micro-nano bubble technology is the key technology for the production of CalerieHealth™ hydrogen-locked water. Compared with other commonly used technologies, micro-nano bubble technology can make the final hydrogen-locked water with higher hydrogen concentration.

It also promotes optimal stability, including stabilizing the bubble structure and hydrogen duration when the magnesium in the tablet reacts with water. This ensures that our Kelly Lock Hydrogen Water increases the hydrogen concentration, thus bringing customers a hydrogen product with a higher hydrogen concentration.

Efficient gas delivery

Micro-nano bubble technology ensures efficient gas delivery. Compared with traditional technology, micro-nano bubble technology is much more efficient in delivering hydrogen in water. This means that the hydrogen content in the water is significantly increased and much less hydrogen is used compared to conventional technologies.


Insight into raw materials

The most researched and clinically tested nootropic ingredient to help boost cognition and memory.

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a powerful antioxidant that is especially important for maintaining good health and mitochondrial function. It is involved in a number of cellular processes that enhance the function of existing mitochondria and promote the regeneration of new mitochondria. PQQ is also listed as a nootropic ingredient that enhances brain functions such as memory, mental focus and creativity.  

PQQ is a redox cofactor and antioxidant that supports long-term health and overall longevity. It is a water-soluble, vitamin-like compound that occurs naturally in soil, human breast milk, and certain foods such as soybeans, green tea, carrots, oranges, tomatoes, dark chocolate, and kiwi.

Scientifically, PQQ appears to function in vivo by targeting at least three distinct physiological pathways.

1. Stimulate the production of PGC1-α (hope molecule).
2. Promote the expression of SIRT3
3. Induction of mitochondrial biogenesis

In other words, what PQQ does is boost your energy levels, improve your mental focus, and optimize your longevity starting at the cellular level. In fact, research suggests that PQQ may be beneficial in diseases related to mitochondrial dysfunction, including metabolic disorders.

CalerieHealth™ selects BioQQ® to ensure optimal efficacy of the PQQ Hydrogen Tablet formulation. List of Novel Foods that BioQQ® has approved in the EU. In addition, it has GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certification and is certified by the Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport quality assurance programs.

Further reading: What is PQQ? How does it work?

最新抗老化分子 PQQ  ! 變年輕細胞科學!
Molecular hydrogen (H₂)

The smallest molecule that supports the body's natural detoxification system.

Molecular hydrogen has been the subject of hundreds of studies. For years, researchers have been studying how "hydrogen" works in the body and its potential health benefits. Among the many benefits of hydrogen, the primary goal of supplemental hydrogen is to enhance the body's natural detoxification system.

What is molecular hydrogen?
Molecular hydrogen, or H₂, is a colorless, odorless gas that exists in the air in trace amounts. It is also captured for use in health supplements added to water.

Hydrogen-rich water (HRW) is ordinary water with added hydrogen. Hydrogen-containing supplements, like CalerieHealth™ Alpha Hope, are a unique, emerging example of

Explain how to simply harness molecular hydrogen to target your health. Simply put Kelly's tablet in your regular water, let it dissolve, and it becomes HRW.

When consumed as a supplement, molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant in the body and has many potential health benefits.


  1. Antioxidants like H₂ protect your cells from oxidative damage, which is the root cause of many diseases. They also act directly on your body's internal antioxidant pathways to improve your innate defenses. Every day we are exposed to substances called free radicals, which are simply the result of participating in the world. Free radicals can wreak havoc on your body, causing oxidative damage to your cells. They are found in things such as cigarettes and food, but are also produced by internal and environmental stress. Boosting your antioxidant consumption is one way to fight free radical damage.

  2. Hydrogen helps fight oxidative damage throughout the body. Adding more hydrogen to your body may help increase protection for your cells.

  3. As an anti-inflammatory drug , animal studies have shown that hydrogen has anti-inflammatory effects. There are human studies showing that hydrogen can reduce joint pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

  4. Protects Organs: Molecular hydrogen provides protection to organs including the brain, liver, pancreas, eyes, lungs and heart through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

  5. Supports healthy mitochondria, DNA, and cellular regulation: In a 2011 study, drinking 1 liter of HRW daily for 12 weeks improved mitochondrial dysfunction in people with certain inflammatory diseases. It also appears to protect DNA from radiation damage and promote healthy gene expression and normal cellular processes.

  6. Protects against metabolic diseases: A 2011 study found that drinking HRW stimulated energy metabolism, increased insulin sensitivity, and lowered cholesterol and blood sugar in both laboratory and animal models. The authors concluded that H₂ may help combat metabolic syndrome.

  7. Supports brain health and mood: Hydrogen can reduce brain damage in Parkinson's disease patients, a study found. And in a 2018 study, researchers found that HRW can improve quality of life by supporting central nervous system function related to mood and anxiety.

Molecular hydrogen as a health product may be new to consumers, but the evidence for how it works in the body has been studied for a long time. With all the potential health benefits, this is just the beginning of H₂ supplements and HRWs like CalerieHealth™ Alpha Hope.  

Further reading: What is hydrogen? How does it work?

International certification of PQQ hydrogen tablet products
Calerie PQQ氫氧片國際認證



4. Life Span Brain Power Capsules

Your Cellular Energy Booster 

Longevity studies have shown that a nutritionally balanced calorie-restricted diet reduces the incidence of age-related diseases. In fact, a clinical trial showed that caloric restriction (CR) affects many of the processes that regulate the rate of aging. Research supports intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet, a state in which the body burns fat for energy. CalerieHealth™ supplements contain ingredients that mimic caloric restriction and exercise to achieve longevity and healthy weight management by increasing NAD+ levels and activating Sirtuins. Kind of the beginning of HRW.

The main ingredients of Life Span Brain Power and how to use it


Each CALERIE️ Life Span Brain Power Capsule draws 99.9% of high-purity β-NMN, and cooperates with 5 kinds of brain cell maintenance essences to synergistically fight against cell aging.

Calerie Life Span Brain Power Capsules contain high concentration of β-NMN. By activating the NAD+ level in the body, it further activates the Sirtuins longevity factor in the body, thereby delaying brain aging and improving memory and cognition.

Main ingredients:
Beta-NMN , Alpha-GPC (Glycerophosphorylcholine), Pterostilbene, Trans-resveratrol, Fisetin, EGCG (Catechin)

Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional during pregnancy or before taking any medication. This product is not a substitute for medicines for disease treatment

How to use (60 capsules per bottle)
Two capsules a day/
  Take before breakfast or on an empty stomach between meals 



Description of the main ingredients of Life Span Brain Power:

Calerie NMN 腦力健成分說明
1. α-GPC (α-glycerophosphocholine):

α-GPC glycerophosphocholine is the precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine , and is an essential component for the synthesis of acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter but cannot be directly absorbed by the human body, while α-GPC can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, convert it into acetylcholine, and transmit nerve signals.

Acetylcholine action:

Promote nervous system signal transduction, improve memory, stimulate brain learning area, promote cognitive activity, regulate light sleep (rapid eye movement sleep), penetrate the blood-brain barrier to prevent bacteria and viruses, synthesize human phospholipids, protect cell membranes and peripheral nerves, and delay brain aging.


2. β-NMN:
3. Trans-resveratrol:

The trans isomer (stable) can be absorbed and utilized by the human body, activate the longevity factor SIRT1, repair damaged cells, high anti-oxidation, anti-three high, and protect the internal organs.

4. EGCG (catechin):

It is the main component of green tea polyphenols, which can improve memory, promote metabolism, delay brain aging, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet damage to skin, and prevent collagen degradation.

5. Pterostilbene:

Strong antioxidant, second-generation resveratrol, anti-three high, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. What is Pterostilbene?

6. Fisetin:

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective. Activates the longevity factor SIRT1, stimulates brain signaling pathways, improves long-term memory, removes free radicals in the brain, improves immune cell activity, fights depression, and protects the liver.

Life Span brain health comprehensive effect

  1. Awaken the brain, protect the brain, and promote the body and physiology to significantly reverse age

  2. Awakening Acetylcholine to slow down brain aging.

  3. Activation of longevity factors promotes the reverse development (growth) of telomerase to achieve healthy longevity.

  4. Activates brain cells to improve cognition, concentration, intelligence, and enhance learning ability and memory.

  5. Stabilizing the central nervous system is beneficial to mental disorders, and can soothe the nerves, relieve depression, bipolar and other emotional disorders.

  6. Strengthen the function of brain neurons, adjust the endocrine and metabolic systems to improve hormones, regulate the endocrine circadian clock, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

  7. Eliminate free radicals in the brain, antioxidants to prevent cell mutation, reduce the risk of tumors and cancer.

  8. Supports the body into stable ketosis. Control appetite, break down visceral fat, burn calories, and achieve slimming effect.

Further reading: NMN brain health and ketogenic diet

International Certification of Life Span Brain Health Products

一圖看明凱麗Life Span 腦力健NMN 成分&功效

Life Span 腦力健NMN 成分&功效


Life Span 腦力健

5. Phycocyanin Probiotics

Miracle from the deep sea

Wake up in the morning, take a sachet of CalerieHealth™ Phycocyanin Probiotics and let it dissolve gently in your mouth. This product retains a well-balanced sweet and sour taste when it is made. Phycocyanin Probiotics are formulated with high potency and purified grades of SOD, with the addition of Aquamin® and Blue Spirulina from the deep sea. Overall, it is a functional product that promotes cellular health for better vitality, stronger immunity and resistance to aging.

Main components and functions of phycocyanin probiotics

calerie 益生菌成分
calerie 益生菌成分

Insight into raw materials


Probiotics are active microorganisms that colonize the human body and can change the flora of a certain part of the human body.

Dopp 30 billion activity:

Each 3g, contains 3 categories of Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, 30 billion Doppler 11 kinds of active probiotic colonies.


Lactobacillus reuteri LR08, Lactobacillus acidophilus LA85, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LRa05, Aspergillus spp. 1Cr86, Bacillus plantarum N13. Bifidobacterium BI45, Bifidobacterium longum BL21, Bifidobacterium bifidum BBi32, Bifidobacterium lactis BLa80, Bifidobacterium adolescentis BAc30, Pediococcus lactis CCFM7902.


Our probiotics use a patented entrapping technology: a protective structure is built on the basis of cells, which consists of peptide components, antioxidant complex layers and modified cellulose. This special structural layer can respectively promote molecular rigidity, reduce redox potential and prevent external pressure from destroying probiotics, thus ensuring product tolerance, stability and ingestion effect.

Aquamin Deep Sea Red Algae Mineral Essence

Aquamin obtains natural minerals from deep sea red algae in the pristine waters of Iceland in an environmentally friendly and organic way.

Deep-sea red algae grow in the pristine waters of Iceland with excellent geographical conditions. Aquamin products include calcium, silicon, selenium, phosphorus, iodine, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, molybdenum, zinc, vanadium and more than 72 trace elements.

Aquamin" provides a rich combination of trace elements to fully utilize the synergistic effect of multiple mineral elements. Provide support for joints, bones, digestive system.

A 2020 study found that Aquamin is highly beneficial to the human microbiome and can be used to boost the body's natural immunity.

Deep Sea Organic Phycocyanin

In 1986, a scientific study by Harvard Medical School found that phycocyanin can regulate the immune system, enhance the body's immunity, and improve the body's resistance to external aggression.

At the same time, phycocyanin can maintain cell activity, scavenge free radicals in the body, improve physical fitness, and comprehensively enhance the body's immune function.

Phycocyanin is known as the "food diamond" by nutrition experts.

marine rare nutrients

Deep-sea organic phycocyanin has a high content of essential amino acids and a complete amino acid composition. It is a highly nutritious protein. Synergistic effect with active probiotics for better nutrition.

Overall efficacy of phycocyanin probiotics

  1. Help boost immune function

  2. Stop the growth of harmful bacteria

  3. Promote the production of antibodies in the body

  4. Also boosts immune cells such as IgA-producing cells, T lymphocytes, and natural killer cells

  5. Articles in Gastrointestinal Disorders Research shows that Lactobacillus in probiotic form can help prevent gastrointestinal problems and reduce inflammation. (Mu Q et al, 2018)

  6. Can help solve female privacy problems and prevent tooth decay. (Lebeer et al, 2008)

  7. Helps our body absorb food nutrients and avoid nutrient loss.

  8. The article reports that the benefits of immunizing probiotics during aging can preserve the integrity of the gut barrier and enhance the fighting power of the body's cells.

  9. Prevention of infection (the gut barrier is what protects the gut wall) (Landete JM et al, 2017)



International certification of phycocyanin probiotic products

calerie 產品 | 凱麗產品 | 藻藍益生菌 | Aqua-SOD Probiotics



6. Pterostilbene revitalizing drink

All-round antioxidant all-round nutritional supplement

CalerieHealth® Rejuve Medley是一種全營養補充懸浮凝膠,旨在從細胞水平和其他方面支持您的健康。 CalerieHealth® Rejuve Medley 含有三種主要的抗氧化劑,這些抗氧化劑是用原始的喜馬拉雅山水培養出來的,結合最好的抗氧化酶SOD(超氧化物歧化酶),紫檀芪煥活飲是一種支持全身的營養動力源。




The high-quality raw material pterostilbene is called "second-generation resveratrol". It is a methylated derivative of resveratrol and has various biological activities of resveratrol, such as relieving inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and Cardiovascular protection, etc. Bioavailability is many times higher than resveratrol!

Pterostilbene a pack of 100mg, containing SOD superoxide dismutase, is taken from the thermophilic algae in the submarine hot spring 2100 meters below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, known as deep-sea soft gold.


Single-cell fermentation technology, small molecule purification, liquid phase separation suspension technology, and organic astaxanthin. All-round antioxidant, all-round boost immunity, all-round nutritional supplement!

What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is found in almonds, grape leaves and vines, especially blueberries, and has a chemical structure similar to resveratrol, a chemical found in wine. Pterostilbene is mainly found in blueberries and Pterocarpus marsupium (PM). Pterostilbene content per blueberry is estimated to vary from 99 ng to 520 ng/g, depending on the type of berry ingested.

Substantial evidence suggests that pterostilbene may have many preventive and therapeutic properties in a wide range of human diseases, including neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic and hematological disorders. Pterostilbene has been reported to be an effective anticancer agent in several malignancies in preclinical trials.

Different characteristics of pterostilbene and resveratrol

Pterostilbene is structurally similar to resveratrol, a compound found in red wine that has considerable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects; while pterostilbene is known as a "second-generation white wine". Compared with resveratrol, it has the following characteristics:

  1. Pterostilbene exhibits higher bioavailability due to its increased lipophilic and oral absorption due to the presence of two methoxy groups. In animal studies, pterostilbene showed 80% bioavailability compared to 20% for resveratrol, giving it a potential advantage as a therapeutic.

  2. Absorption and biological activity: Studies have shown that the highest plasma concentration (Cmax) of pterostilbene is 36 times higher than that of resveratrol, and the oral bioavailability of pterostilbene is 66.9 %, while the oral bioavailability of resveratrol was 29.8%.

  3. Nervous system and cognitive system protection: Both pterostilbene and resveratrol have certain antioxidant properties and increase the expression of SOD, but resveratrol needs to produce such effects at higher doses. Experiments show that pterostilbene can significantly increase SOD compared with resveratrol.

  4. Studies have shown that pterostilbene has various biological activities of resveratrol, such as relieving inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and cardiovascular protection. Compared with resveratrol, pterostilbene has better bioavailability, metabolic stability, antioxidant activity, and membrane permeability.

High-quality main raw materials


All-round formula





凱麗紫檀芪煥活飲,透過先進的專利技術, 以離子和膠狀分子形式存在。膠狀分子直徑4-7毫米、帶負電(離子)在液體中成懸浮狀。












9、可封住 營養本身不良味道;


All-round effect






7. MAX MEN 男力健

凱麗 男力健 MAX MEN

男力健是CalerieHealth™ 補充劑系列中第一個專門為男性製造的產品。男性健康也是CalerieHealth™ 的首要任務。



男力健的配方經過精心設計,其成分能夠協同工作,提高睾丸激素水平,改善體重,協助實現減肥和增肌目標,並促進身體的自然能量生產。 *


男性體內的睪酮水平在30歲以後,會以每年1%的速度下降! 睪酮水平 下降導致身體缺乏活力,肌肉流失,體重難以控制,性生活體驗下降!

男力健經過詳盡研究,由高質量成分配製而成,支持睾丸激素,包括南非醉茄(KSM-66®)和鉻(Chromax®)。 Chromax®和KSM-66®共同作用,支持男性的睾丸激素水平和身體耐力。



CalerieHealth™ 男力健是一種方便成年男性日常生活的補充劑。每天只需在早餐前或兩餐之間用水服用三粒膠囊。



★恢復健康睪酮水平捍衛男性健康     ★緩解疲勞提升機體能量

★體重管控 增強肌肉及力量             ★舒緩壓力 改善生活質量



KSM-66® 南非醉茄(Ashwagandha)
南非醉茄 (KSM-66®) 含有最高濃度的Ashwagandha,這是一種古老的草藥,在維持健康的睾丸激素水平和支持心肺耐力方面起著關鍵作用。 KSM-66® 在其使用背後有一套廣泛的研究,在同類成分中擁有最多的認證。

Chromax® 鉻

L-OptiZinc® 鋅













8、凱麗Glow 燕窩酸 靚素




靚素能支持細胞、神經及免疫系統健康。 滋養細胞,潤澤肌膚,令您容光煥發。



為何我要使用 凱麗Glow?

CalerieHealth® GLOW不只是另一種美容補充劑。它是以當今強大的女性為中心而精心製作的"靚素",採用大自然寶貴資源,科學的加以利用,幫助高壓忙碌女性,煥發自然健康光澤。




凱麗CalerieHealth® GLOW是一種專門為成年女性設計方便的日常補充劑。只需每天在用餐時服用一包,並讓它在口中溶解。


凱麗靚素包含5種功能性天然成分,共同組成CalerieHealth® GLOW 靚素,令其脫穎而出。每一種成分都能為細胞健康提供獨有的益處,也能協同作用,幫助提升皮膚健康淡化細紋!

1、透明質酸  (Hyaluronic Acid)



2、唾液酸  (Sialic Acid)


唾液酸也被稱為N-acetylneuraminic,Sialic Acid是一種營養性單醣,大量存在於食用燕窩中,是中醫中最昂貴的功能性美食之一。矽酸在大腦中的濃度最高,是神經傳輸的關鍵角色,可能對神經系統功能有好處。它還被認為具有支持神經、上皮和免疫細胞修復和功能的潛在能力。可有效提升細胞修復、免疫力和皮膚健康!

(Superoxide Dismutase)



4、L-谷胱甘肽  (L-Glutathione)



5、L-茶氨酸  (L-Theanine)
















凱麗Glow 燕窩酸 靚素



Kelly  Introduction to Calerie Health System

Calerie Affiliate Package Price - 2022


※The amount of the four levels of the franchise package can be adjusted flexibly, and the amount of the package can be adjusted to the target level!

Calerie Bonus System


Calerie NMN new direct sales - win-win 210 bonus system


Kelly NMN New Direct Sales: 8 Category Bonus Summary - 2022


Kelly NMN New Direct Sales: Examples of 8 Types of Bonuses






凱麗直銷:結合 健康長壽+電子商務 兩大明星產業


NMN direct sales

Hearing direct sales, some people must be disgusted! To be honest, there are a lot of traditional direct selling products that are good, but the whole thing is annoying! The advent of the 5G era, coupled with the epidemic affecting the lives of all human beings. Online shopping and e-commerce platforms have gradually become the mainstream of people's shopping! If the traditional direct selling is not improved, it will no longer survive! NMN's latest direct sales model was born!

NMN Taiwan direct sales

Because NMN is not yet available for sale in Taiwan, and the NMN manufacturing technology is not mature in Taiwan, so now to buy pure NMN on the market, it is almost necessary to use direct sales to ensure protection, otherwise it is easy to buy fake NMN.
Of course, the times are progressing, and the business model is also evolving. The direct sales of NMN's cross-border e-commerce method was born! This new NMN direct sales model has absolutely no shortcomings of traditional direct sales, only the advantages of direct sales, saving advertising costs, and using the advantages of the Internet, cross-border e-commerce sales, greatly improving efficiency and saving costs, giving back to consumers, allowing people to You can enjoy high-quality and cheap NMN! In fact, it is exactly the same as guaranteed online shopping, very user-friendly and convenient!

NMN Direct Sales Calerie

Calerie is a cross-border e-commerce in the United States. The so-called cross-border e-commerce refers to an international business where buyers and sellers in different countries conduct transactions and payments through online e-commerce platforms or self-operated official websites, and transport goods through cross-border logistics. Business activities are the most mainstream business trend at present​ . To put it simply, cross-border e-commerce means that companies can directly sell NMN in the region to other countries without having to set up overseas. Cross-border e-commerce is also legal in Taiwan !

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