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Tree Life Products & Company & System 


Tree life NMN
Tree Life HGH

1. Tree life NIATOL NMN

Imported from the United States

Treelife NMN+ Resveratrol - Specially formulated with vegan raw materials, multi-certified to ensure non-toxic and no side effects, high-purity (99.99%) and high biological activity (100%) NMN. Adopting three Nobel Prize-winning technologies and GMP production standards to ensure the best cost-effective products. Each NMN capsule is added with 100mg resveratrol, which greatly enhances human NAMPT, accelerates enzyme activity, and can convert NMN into NAD+ to maximize efficiency. In addition to resveratrol, each NMN capsule also adds a variety of other compounds that are very good for the human body.

NRG (又名Niatol) 是優化的複合物配方,能幫助NMNs快速進入細胞,從而增加生物活性並提高吸收率。

研究表明NMN可以提高NAD +的利用率,並可能減少炎症細胞因子的產生。其他NMN保健品均不包含“ Niatol™的營養素專有配方。

隨著年齡的增長,您的人體內NAD +(一種促進細胞能量產生的輔酶)含量可能會下降。 Niatol支持細胞功能和修復作用,抵禦壓力,運動和衰老的影響。它還支持新陳代謝,以維持整體的身體健康和福祉
更多科學知識:Treelife Niatol優化的化合物配方可以幫助Niatol快速進入細胞,這可以提高生物活性並提高吸收率。研究表明Niatol可以提高NAD +的利用率,並可能減少炎症細胞因子的產生。其他Niatol補充劑均不包含稱為“ Niatol™”的營養素專有配方。

NMN 成分:



suitable for ethnic groups

Tree Life NMN 功效及成分

Compound ingredients

Tree Life NMN 成分

Treelife NMN Purity Certificate:

Tree Life NMN 第三方純度檢驗報告

Tree Life NMN Core Advantages

Tree Life NMN 核心優勢
Tree Life related certification
Tree Life 國際認證
Tree Life 猶太認證

TREE LIFE NMN efficacy video:

Each NMN capsule is added with 100mg resveratrol, which greatly enhances human NAMPT, accelerates enzyme activity, and can convert NMN into NAD+ to maximize efficiency. In addition to resveratrol, each NMN capsule also adds a variety of other compounds that are very good for the human body. It can delay aging, improve senile dementia, improve memory, inhibit brain and nerve aging, enhance physiological function, enhance vitality, promote male and female sexual function, assist chronic disease treatment, regulate blood sugar levels, prevent tumors, scavenge free radicals, and comprehensively improve cardiovascular, Bone and muscle health, repair DNA damage, enhance and regenerate human immunity, and anti-viral ability.

Dr. Michale Borkin Instructions Compound Special Formula NMN Capsules
Treelife NMN

TReE Life

2. Body Derm Gel - Vitality TL Gel 

Using the transdermal delivery system and natural homeopathy, stimulate the natural secretion of your fountain of youth (growth hormone), and then repair the eight glands in the human body, and contain valuable ingredients for flawless skin, allowing you to regain your recovery from the inside out. Young, healthy, beautiful and confident!

Suitable for groups: 1. Wrinkles and fine lines 2. Stretch marks 3. Dehydrated skin 4. Thin hair

Tree Life hgh凝膠成分及適合族群說明
What is growth hormone? (HGH)

What is Homeopathy?

It is a natural therapy that constructs the required environment, starts a process with the smallest dose of medicine, stimulates the body's self-healing ability, and promotes the body's self-healing system to be in the best state. The treatment of diseases is mainly based on radical methods.

Supplemental HGH approach

Of course, the use of a non-invasive transdermal delivery system (that is, rubbing on the skin, distributing the gel evenly on the skin through friction, and then absorbing its ingredients through microvessels), coupled with homeopathy, stimulates the natural secretion of HGH , is the best, easiest and safest way to supplement HGH.

Vitality Gel HGH Introduction Video

Tree life HGH Energizing Gel has a unique formula that uses homeopathy to activate the pituitary gland to secrete HGH. And contains natural plant stem cell essence to promote skin firmness and suppleness, lightening and whitening. Increase metabolic efficiency, strengthen bones, tendons, and joints. Boost energy and improve body recovery efficiency. At the same time, it is easy to use, just apply it to the thin part of the skin, massage evenly and moderately, and achieve the unexpected effect of being 10 years younger.

Homeopathic, subcutaneously delivered energizing gel, described by Dr. Michael Borkin, the father of hormones

The body's most important growth hormone begins to decline with age, and Tree of Life Energizing Gel focuses on anti-aging, using a combination of homeopathic and biochemical ingredients, designed to provide anyone with a safe and effective way to use human growth factors. All the tools needed to benefit the body are provided. Contains herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help provide the materials needed for repair, and homeopathic ingredients that provide the blueprint the body needs to use building materials in the intended way, using an effective delivery system. Using a simple skin application, the pleasant smelling gel is quickly absorbed and delivered via an auxiliary liposome delivery system, developing this amazing system to bypass the many obstacles of the digestive system, using this highly efficient method of penetration through the skin into the bloodstream, and Helps deliver active ingredients to the desired cells for amazing effects on the mind and body! !

Tree Life Company and System

About Treelife

Treelife Technology Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company integrating R&D, production and sales. It has a number of international consortia and investment banks for incubation and investment, and is committed to the integration and application of global longevity regeneration medical technology. As an international longevity regeneration As a supplier of technology industry, after 23 years of achievements and focus, the group is composed of several technology companies and one biotechnology company. Its biotechnology company and Sabre Laboratory in the United States, BASF in Germany, Royal Academy of Medicine in Switzerland, and Stanford Clinic in the United States Strategic alliance of Translational Medicine Center; and a number of scientists have launched a series of anti-aging black technologies, covering a number of patented technologies for cell longevity and regeneration; to promote the renewal and regeneration of human cells, so that the human body can return to youth, health and beauty. , safe, reliable, simple and effective". Expand the era of cell regeneration medicine, and ultimately solve a variety of health and beauty problems caused by aging of the human body.

Company mission

Focusing on the field of cellular anti-aging, opening the bank of human youth, storing health and beauty The birth of the tree of life company marks the advent of the era of cellular technology. "Tree of Life Technology" is the pioneer of this era, and regenerative medicine will set off a new revolution. Focusing on the "Ultimate Solution for Cellular Aging", allowing people to return to youth, beauty and health. The goal of Tree of Life Technology is to provide more accurate health care for anti-aging and sub-health problems by providing biotechnology nutritional health care products and solutions and prevention.

Tree Life 公司註冊資料

Company owner and R&D director

Tree Life公司創辦人

Company management team

Tree Life創始投資人
Tree Life 公司CEO
Tree Life 法律顧問

Company R&D team

Tree Life 研發團隊
Tree Life研發團隊
Tree Life研發團隊
Tree Life研發團隊
Tree Life 聯合實驗室
Tree Life 生產工廠

Tree Life Company System

Tree Life 獎金制度
Tree Life 全球分紅

8 Highlights of the Tree of Life for Cross-border E-commerce in the United States

Tree Life 8大亮點


NMN is a mega trend of health and longevity

Tree Life 直銷-NMN新直銷


NMN 台灣直銷

當然時代在進步,商業模式也不斷演進,NMN跨境電商方式的直銷,因此誕生!這種新的NMN直銷模式,完全無傳統直銷的缺點,只有直銷的優點,節省廣告費用,並利用網路優勢,跨境電商銷售,大幅提昇效率及節省成本,回饋給消費者,讓人們可以享受到高品質又便宜的NMN! 其實完全就跟有保障的網路購物一樣,非常人性化且方便!

美商Tree Life 生命樹直銷


Tree Life是美國跨境電商,所謂跨境電商,指的是買方與賣方在不同國家,透過網路電商平台或自營官網,進行交易、支付,並通過跨境物流運輸商品的一種國際商業活動,是目前最主流的商務趨勢​。簡單來說,跨境電商就是企業不必到海外設點,就可以直接在該地區,把商品NMN賣到其他國家,跨境電商在台灣也是合法的

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