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Please click for the latest scientific method of becoming younger - the magic NMN

The discovery of NMN shocked the global medical community! Through NMN anti-aging breakthrough, can human lifespan have a chance to exceed 150 years old? After this world-famous paper was published in 2013, the world's richest people, such as Li Ka-shing, Buffett, Bezos, etc., have successively invested large sums of money in this major trend affecting all industries in the 21st century - the health and longevity industry !


It is estimated that with the aging of the world, the longevity industry market will reach 600 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. Especially after the Covid-19 epidemic and the advent of the post-epidemic era, autoimmunity will be the best way to fight the virus , so the health industry will develop more vigorously. Jack Ma also said: The next richest man will appear in the field of health and longevity. Are you ready to embrace youthful health and get on the rich train of huge business opportunities? (What is NMN? Please click here to refer to the magical NMN)   (September 2021, the world's richest man Bezos invests in the longevity industry latest news)

The Birth of a Younger Science Across the Century-NMN

In 2013, Professor David A. Sinclair, a global anti-aging authority, published the research results of anti-aging that shocked the world: after using NMN ( what is NMN? ) , the physiological age of more than 60 years old can return to the state of youth in more than 20 years old, and the running distance of exercise increases Twice as long and increase life expectancy by 30%; even prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, radiation injury and diabetes. In addition, it can rejuvenate old eggs and greatly prolong the reproductive age, which are symbols of reversing aging and becoming younger .


Professor Sinclair used it not only for himself, but also for his family and father. His father is 80 years old, and he is getting younger and younger after using it. He can also perform activities for young people such as mountain climbing and rafting. When the friends around him left the world one by one, he started the second spring career of his life instead! It can be seen that the research results will affect the future life of all human beings. Playing basketball with your great-grandson at the age of 100 is no longer a dream.  …

How does the world's anti-aging authority become younger?

David Sinclair is a top anti-aging scientist, one of the most influential figures in Time magazine, and the author of the world's best-selling book on anti-aging science, Lifespan. According to his research, in addition to anti-aging molecules such as NMN, resveratrol, and dimethicone, are there any scientifically based ways to become younger? How does he maintain youth and health in his daily life? Want to regain youth and health You, please click here to learn more about ...

可不可以不變老-david sinclair

Learn more about this amazing NMN


NMN rejuvenation is what everyone wants, but in the face of post-epidemic life, we are more urgent about how to improve our immunity. Especially in December 2021, the latest variant of the virus Omicron will be aggressive, and improving one's own immunity is definitely the key to fighting the virus. Another important factor leading to cancer or the evolution of age-related diseases is also the decline of immune function.

Research paper published in Biomedical Research on September 27, 2021: NMN can enhance autoimmunity and achieve the effect of fighting and preventing viral infection and cancer . For details, please click here for the latest NMN research


The same mechanism of NMN getting younger - intermittent fasting

Fasting, or intermittent fasting, has the latest scientific research, you must know!

Fasting and intermittent fasting have become a trend for many people to keep fit in the past few years. There are many ways of fasting, such as skipping breakfast and eating lunch later (16:8 diet). Choose to eat less than 75% of your calories two days a week (5:2 light fasting). Or fast a few days a week (the eat-and-stop diet). Except for pregnant women and developing children, all healthy people, as long as they do not cause malnutrition, these methods will help the longevity gene to play a role. And it's all backed up by science.


For example, in 2019/12, it was published in NEJM, the highest clinical medical journal in the United States. It has been experimentally confirmed that the benefits of fasting include ketogenic response, enhanced cellular antioxidant and metabolic capabilities, mitochondrial activation, autophagy, automatic cell renewal, and DNA repair. , increased insulin sensitivity, life extension, anti-aging ...etc

The latest in the world is on 2021/10/18, Dr. Dudley Lamming's research team at the University of Wisconsin published a series of fasting-related studies in the journal Nature Metabolism. The conclusions are as follows:

  1. Fasting or calorie reduction can reduce body fat mass, but only fasting can increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar, and improve body metabolism.

  2. Fasting is combined with reducing calories. After a period of time, lean muscle mass will increase, which proves that fasting will only reduce fat and not lose muscle , making the body look leaner.

  3. Fasting alone, with or without caloric restriction, increases the body's metabolic capacity. In other words , the key is the time to eat rather than the amount of food . Therefore, if a friend invites a big meal during the fasting period, you can participate with confidence!

  4. Fasting alone can prolong life.


Can NMN fight the covid-19 virus?

Using NMN to reverse youth and maintain health is the most natural, effective and cost-effective way in 2021. It has long been a public fact and has been strictly certified by numerous authoritative organizations. At present, when the domestic epidemic situation is tense, the importance of self-immunity and health is even more highlighted.

In April 2020, when the epidemic in the United States was severe, local doctors in the United States published a report that the use of NMN could prevent or even treat the COVID-19 coronavirus, causing the panic buying of NMN to continue to have a fever in the United States!

The following video is the content of an interview with the media by David Sinclair, a tenured professor of Harvard Medical School, the world's anti-aging authority, when NMN was snapped up in the United States, explaining why NMN can enhance immunity and fight against the COVID-19 (new crown) virus!

For more information about nmn improving immunity and helping to treat COVID-19 patients, please click NMN-COVID-19 for related research materials

  • In general, various organs of the body begin to age and decline with age.


變年輕科學方法 ! David Sinclair教你如何變年輕!為何補充NMN?

NMN可降低血管硬度!NMN逆轉血管硬化! 血管變年輕方法 |逆轉血管老化 | NMN人體實測 | NMN功效 | NMN

最新抗老化分子 PQQ ! 變年輕細胞科學!| PQQ功效 | 活化粒線體 


NAD+ | nmn | David sinclair anti-aging research | Ways to look younger | david sinclair nmn

David Sinclair is the world's anti-aging authority, the discoverer of resveratrol, and the main discovery and research scholar that nmn and NAD+ can fight aging. David sinclair's research on anti-aging has shocked the world!

NAD+ is a key molecule in aging and reversing aging, and nmn is the best precursor of NAD+, so it can be said that nmn is the antidote for reversing aging and longevity! ( For in-depth understanding of NMN, please click the magic NMN )

NMN human clinical measurement improves insulin sensitivity | diabetes improvement | diabetes prevention | nad+ | nmn |

Is the age of immortality really coming? As more and more NMN human clinical tests are carried out, people's desire for health and longevity has dawned. The latest diabetes improvement nmn clinical trial in 2021 has confirmed that nmn does increase the level of nad+ in the blood, improve insulin sensitivity, and improve muscle performance. The ability of glucose metabolism has greatly improved the ability to prevent diabetes. The use of nmn can be said to be the most natural, effective, safe and latest scientific method proposed by Professor David Sinclair to become younger! ( For in-depth understanding of NMN, please click the magic NMN )

Prevent Muscle Loss | Enhance Muscle Strength | Improve Exercise Ability | Get Younger | NMN Gets Younger

Muscle loss causes many serious consequences. Resistance exercise, protein supplementation and vitamin D are preventive methods. However, after the aging of microvascular atrophy with age, even increasing exercise and protein supplementation cannot prevent muscle loss. NMN supplementation is the best solution. medicine! ( For in-depth understanding of NMN, please click the magic NMN )

How to turn white hair black | How to turn white hair black | How to look younger | NMN | How to look younger

The appearance of white hair becomes more and more 20 years old. There are many reasons for white hair. The most fundamental reason is that the hair follicle melanocytes lose the function of secreting melanin. The progress of science and technology has confirmed that nmn can activate cells and restore the function of melanin secretion of hair follicle cells. How to do To become young, you must start with young and healthy cells, and it is so easy to turn white hair black!

The strongest health food|How to choose health food|How to become younger|nmn health food|Being young is not difficult

"Those who work hard are the laziest"  Because they always just work hard and don't think about how to do it in a more efficient way  The same is true for health. If you continue to use your old knowledge for a few years, you will be very different from another group of people who are doing nothing more than you but choosing effective health care technology.

Simple boosting immunity | Immunity boosting method | Younger way |

The 5G era is an era of efficiency and science. Using old knowledge to maintain your health may just waste your time. This video will teach you how to improve your immunity in an all-round way from the perspective of the latest science.

Goodbye to insomnia|Sleep improvement science|The most efficient way to improve insomnia|The way to become younger|It is not difficult to become younger

A good night's sleep should be the most basic need of people, but with the evolution of this lifestyle, it has become a luxury for many people, especially in Taiwan, more and more people use drugs to improve Taiwan, which has become the first insomnia kingdom in Asia and the second in the world. This video will tell you how to use my experience to give you a good night's sleep in the easiest way

The way to become younger | How to become younger | The effect of nmn | The effect of NMN | The effect of NMN

How do the world's top rich people keep their health? In fact, it is not as difficult as we think. The difficulty may be our ability to judge and select information! This video will explain the magical effect of NMN! ( For more information about NMN, please click the magical NMN )

world trend industry

How to get younger? /Anti-aging authority David Sinclair teaches you how to become younger

How to become younger? David Sinclair teaches you how to become younger. He is the world's anti-aging authority. In an easy-to-understand way, he introduces the world's latest anti-aging and anti-aging technology, explains the principle of using NMN to become younger, and teaches you many ways to become younger in daily life!


Dr. David Sinclair is a tenured professor at Harvard Medical School and the discoverer of resveratrol. Due to his research on NMN and NAD+ anti-aging, as well as research on NMN's anti-radiation and NMN's increase in skeletal muscle, he has won one of the top 100 figures of the times and the US NASA iTECH award. .


The content explains the anti-aging principle of NMN, NMN activates longevity gene Sirtuins, and NMN can repair cellular DNA. NMN increases exercise capacity by 50%, and NMN reverses aging, which is the best way to become younger.

How to get younger? / Vascular aging is the root cause of disease / How blood vessels become younger / Anti-aging authority David Sinclair teaches you how to make blood vessels younger

How to get younger and stay healthy? We must start with vascular health. Because vascular aging is the root cause of all diseases. The total number of deaths from cardiovascular-related diseases in China has exceeded the total number of cancers. How do blood vessels become younger? Vascular endothelial cells are essential for blood vessels.


Anti-aging authority David Sinclair teaches you the best way to rejuvenate your blood vessels. In addition to food, living habits, daily routine, especially exercise, the health of vascular endothelial cells needs to be restored. In addition, muscle mass is also very important for the health of blood vessels and various functions of the body. However, as blood vessels age and capillaries shrink, muscle mass may not increase even if all efforts are made, leading to a vicious circle. Fortunately, David Sinclair has studied the way of using NMN to rejuvenate the blood vessels from the root and improve the health of the body in an all-round way!

Exercise can make you beautiful, you know?

Exercise can keep the body young and healthy, as many people know. But have you found that many people who love sports have very good skin, why? In fact, according to scientific research, exercise can really improve the skin!

What is NMN?

What is NMN?

Can NMN make people younger? NMN can be said to be a new revolution in health and longevity. As long as you use the right method, it is not difficult to become younger. NMN is a major breakthrough in cell activation and regeneration technology after the invention of stem cell technology. It enables all cells in the body, including stem cells, to be activated. Therefore, it is currently the best way to maintain a healthy body. Using NMN to become younger is the current world trend, and so is NMN. The best way. ( For in-depth understanding of NMN, please click the magic NMN )

Neurovascular | Neurovascular Regeneration | Prevention of Alzheimer's | Prevention of Parkinson 's Disease |

Eggs/Older Mothers/Younger Eggs/Lower Fertility/Younger Eggs NMN

  • ​Can you not get old? (Zhongguang Lanxuan time guide to read this book)

"Aging" is the root of all diseases. Instead of breaking down all the diseases, it is better to solve the aging and draw the bottom line. Is it possible not to grow old? ” mentioned in the book: Aging is a disease, and it is a curable disease! For the first time, the "survival circuit" theory was proposed to explain the causes of aging and the possibility of reversal. The program specially invited Dr. Chen Lianggong, director of the Taipei Rongzong Medical Center for the Elderly, to talk about this book together.

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